Wastewater Construction

Water house structurally divided into outer (external) and internal water supply system. External water supply – an autonomous system of water supply from boreholes, wells or laying of pipeline tie-in with the system village or district water supply. Internal water supply system – a system of preparation of sanitary water (water purification filters mechanical, iron removal, softening, disinfection), the layout of pipes installation site SANTECH devices, installation and connection of the hot water equipment. In order to implement water and wastewater country house, you want the natural sources of water and wastewater treatment system and water, performing tasks of water supply. To date, water purification and water treatment relevant as ever. Unfortunately, the quality of water we use is poor, and the question of choosing the right water treatment system excites all of us. Particularly acute problem of water supply systems (water treatment) affects the rural areas and suburban areas.

In many villages still remained "Grandfather" water (water treatment, water) that is "vederny" water from a nearby well. In this approach to water supply can not even count on a minimum of comfort Water (Water of a private house, cottage or villa water) is often the host country house reflects on water supply (water treatment) after the project is completed. Explore water resources plot (their composition, size, depth, etc.) should be at the stage of preparation for construction, in order to accurately determine the necessary water system (water treatment). The first step is determine the choice of water source: well, well, pond, stream, etc.