The person is unhappy when she hides yourself behind the lie, facilitating an anger that can consumiz it. The happiness consists of a correct way to act. Mask that I know is only for that I fear the meeting with its Superior. The Devotion Celebrated in Jerusalem the party of the Devotion. It was winter. Evangelho de Jesus According to Joo, CAP.

10:22. The Christ vein to the Land Nailed to the Saint doctrine, To the glorificao destines in them To win the proper substance. For dedicating the Humanity to it In loving way, the Man It remodelled its spirit raised In a New Alliance. The Humanity went down in it in mission to raise the condition Of all Who enslaved of the inverdade, Its voice did not want to hear. The goods of the Sky dedicated to its life the disfavored people Of all, Because it lived to lu Without divine destination. To the Man It offered dom of the perpetual life, Took off it of the misery Granted the god kingdom to it.