Critical Epistemolgica All

It is clearly that they were not implicit in these measures concerns with the welfare of the individuals, but so only with the efficiency in the tasks, however this sample that Taylor already considered mechanical aspects extra in the organization considered and them important in the process of formation of the necessary mechanisms to the efficiency in the execution of the works. In the search of resolution of the internal problems of the organization, when appealing technical to the concept of homo economicus, Taylor made use of one also begins old used with sufficient emphasis for the classic economists (Adam Smith) and for philosophers as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, the concept of homo economicus, consisted, for the theory of Taylor in the admission of a vast ideological and cultural complex that traditionally conditioned the reflections regarding the citizen in the economic and social scope, therefore leaving of the vision of that the man is to be greedy egoist and by its very nature, had stipulated if concepts predetermined regarding the true nature human being that instead of to constitute, alternatives for one due understanding of the individual, had represented paradigms or dogmas of the man regarding the man. (MOTTA; VASCONCELOS, P. the 25-27) main pillar of the taylorismo was the study of times and movements, that consisted of an unfolding of study of times. Technical the remodelagem of the physical space served of reference to all the conception forms that had later been followed. 7 a Critical Epistemolgica All form of world understanding, estimates a basic notion of what he is the man, of as it is seen and of as it incases itself in one definitive perspective, therefore the reality also is constituted by the specific way of if reflecting on it, therefore before if making any appreciations regarding the taylorismo, it marxism or of any another approach, is needed to admit the imprescindibilidade of the existence human being.