ICT Invoice

It is not mission impossible, just a matter of short time, thanks to pressure from end users: we all want to be friendly to the environment, but we know that, at the global level, ICT represent 2% of global emissions of greenhouse gases. According to Gartner, this figure is equivalent to the civil aviation sector in full. There are more troubling data on the impact of ICTs, such as the following: a simple Google search has its impact: 0.2 grams of CO2. Or what is the same, a thousand searches pollutes as much as driving a car for a mile. (Source: five days) and savings? Its importance varies according to the number of electronic invoices sent. Another important factor is also the cost of the implementation of the chosen solution or the cost per use of this solution if it is SaS mode. But, although not all the savings to appreciate in the short term, they are important.

According to Gartner, a paper invoice costs around 3 euros. Saving in an electronic invoice can reach the 66%. According to AECOC (Asociacion Espanola de commercial encoding), the cost of the electronic invoice is 0.22 against 3.07 to the issuer, and 0.71 to 3.57 to the receiver. So many benefits do not allow doubt about whether compensated or not. How to proceed then? According to some clients of Esker as Remica, Kavo Dental, Thomson Reuters Aranzadi or Anuntis Segundamano, acceptance of the electronic invoice by customers through an effort of communication by the relevant administrative department. If in principle most of them understand that the electronic invoice is advantageous both for disclosing to the receiving party, you can’t have a deep ignorance about her delaying the decision of acceptance. Furthermore, the decision of each company to its customers in electronic format invoice or not depends on the type of clients that has: may be some not even Internet access and less a mail account.