ICT Invoice

It is not mission impossible, just a matter of short time, thanks to pressure from end users: we all want to be friendly to the environment, but we know that, at the global level, ICT represent 2% of global emissions of greenhouse gases. According to Gartner, this figure is equivalent to the civil aviation sector in full. There are more troubling data on the impact of ICTs, such as the following: a simple Google search has its impact: 0.2 grams of CO2. Or what is the same, a thousand searches pollutes as much as driving a car for a mile. (Source: five days) and savings? Its importance varies according to the number of electronic invoices sent. Another important factor is also the cost of the implementation of the chosen solution or the cost per use of this solution if it is SaS mode. But, although not all the savings to appreciate in the short term, they are important.

According to Gartner, a paper invoice costs around 3 euros. Saving in an electronic invoice can reach the 66%. According to AECOC (Asociacion Espanola de commercial encoding), the cost of the electronic invoice is 0.22 against 3.07 to the issuer, and 0.71 to 3.57 to the receiver. So many benefits do not allow doubt about whether compensated or not. How to proceed then? According to some clients of Esker as Remica, Kavo Dental, Thomson Reuters Aranzadi or Anuntis Segundamano, acceptance of the electronic invoice by customers through an effort of communication by the relevant administrative department. If in principle most of them understand that the electronic invoice is advantageous both for disclosing to the receiving party, you can’t have a deep ignorance about her delaying the decision of acceptance. Furthermore, the decision of each company to its customers in electronic format invoice or not depends on the type of clients that has: may be some not even Internet access and less a mail account.

Arts Government

Often fall awaits us! To start, Rodriguez Zapatero, chronologically caught between Catalan elections that serve to defenestrar unpresentable tripartite Government Jose Montilla and budgets downward which are already forcing him to make onerous concessions to the PNV’s Inigo Urkullu. With this horizon, the general strike the next day 29 is not the worst thing that could happen to a desnortado President who still says that the future of Spain size is the size of the child, i.e., gigantic and disturbing snowman Isabel Coixet that greets visitors to our Pavilion at the Shanghai fair. Incidentally, talking about elections in Catalonia, do have they realized significant silence of the parties of the Principality on the fraud of the Palau de la Musica, whereby Felix Millet bribed them to almost everyone? And it is that the political class always shows a wilful irresponsibility with other people’s money. Andreessen Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Just highlight the Blanco-Zapatero duo as soon as it has loosened the pressure of the markets on our foreign debt. Then have recovered 700 million cut in public investment to meet with them to his barn’s votes in Andalusia and Catalonia where if not and the Cantabrian President Miguel Angel Revilla, who had already tried to throw to the PSOE in the regional coalition Government. In our Valencian Arcadia outcast the picture is even more disturbing because the Council lacks the room for manoeuvre of the central Government which, Furthermore, must be 635 million settlement early in 2008. That is, there is not a penny, as evidenced by recurring unpaid works and services by the Administration and the complaint of dependents and other groups deprived of relevant public aid.

Government and opposition, will of course than some and others, i.e., is cast to face contradictory figures, since the manipulation of numbers masks any reality. To finish, as in the case of the additional costs of Santiago Calatrava at the Palau de les Arts, you can always argue the Vice President Gerardo Camps that it is a confidential matter, as if that money not escapes the pocket of all citizens. Such secrecy is repeatedly endorsed by Les Corts, which have already earned three convictions of the Constitutional Court having rejected parliamentary questions in this regard. Well well. All these pending issues a political reentree that will continue planning the Gurtel case with the possible trial of the President of the Generalitat, the statement before the judge of Carlos Fabra enmaranaran the 23rd of this month and the tiresome controversy over whether or not Paco Camps should lead the electoral list of the PP in this so disturbing scenario.

You see, then, that threatens us a very hard fall. However, politicians will manage to save once more his post, his salary and his Levantine. Instead, in a country where persists 20 per cent unemployed, who always end up paying the broken dishes are citizens suffered foot.