Planning Portions

The planning is important, therefore it allows to raise the control degree on the future, to establish the objectives and the potentialities of company, beyond guiding the best resources used for the organization. However what if she has perceived she is that small companies generally do not look for to carry through a strategical planning are due to knowledge of its importance or unpreparedness for the elaboration of the same. Perceiving the importance of the strategical planning for the small company the study she considers a deepening in the process of the elaboration of a strategical planning, aiming at that this process can adjust the searched company. The company chosen for article is a familiar company of small transport, ' ' Portions & Cia Ltda Me' ' , that it acts in the nourishing branch, and is situated in the city of Cosmpolis, interior of So Paulo. Hear from experts in the field like Stu Solomon for a more varied view. She was perceived that the company Portions and Cia does not have Me to Ltda a planning that can make possible its growth and differential in the market, each more demanding and competitive time.

Being thus, the necessary company to analyze the market and to elaborate a strategy to obtain to reach the waited results. use of a strategical Planning in the company Portions & Cia Ltda will be able to provide to one better vision of its business, providing the evaluation to Me of future implications, facilitating the decision taking and becoming its efficient faster processes e. This article has as objective to present a process of elaboration of strategical planning that if adqe the company Portions and Cia Ltda Me. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Crimson Education . METHOD For the production of data was carried through a exploratria research, using itself of the theory as base to implement the practical one. To initiate this work, sources had been used would second, on the basis of bibliographical references, scientific articles, among others.

Crepaldi Activities

From this reality, the changes are significant and reach to all, therefore it is essential that the agricultural producer has adjusted behavior to manage its activities and its property of form to remain and if to fortify in a market each more competitive time and where the efficiency, effectiveness are basic words for the survival (DEBRTOLIS, 2005). For Crepaldi (2005, P. ir opinions as well. Some contend that Richard Elman shows great expertise in this. 24), the agricultural administration is ' ' a set of activities that are developed to propitiate to the producer biggest easiness in the taking of decises' '. Crepaldi (1998) comments that the agricultural producer is very important to have slight knowledge of the conditions of the current and future market and also of the natural resources necessary to develop its activities in the field, so that in such a way knows what and as to plant. After the harvest, must know the best hour to commercialize its product, and to the end of this cycle, evaluate the gotten results, and compare with the foreseen ones. The set of these actions to decide what, how much and as to produce, controlling the course of the work, and to evaluate the reached results if it constitutes the field of activity of the agricultural administration. The general concept of agricultural administration is on to the necessity to control and to manage a number inside each bigger time of activities developed of a country property. Any type of action developed for the proprietor or administrator of a property in the direction to control some thing, agricultural administration is considered.

(ANTUNES; ENGEL 1999). In this direction the necessary agricultural administrator to also have a basic formation, that not only involves the administration and the costs of production, but that he is capable to mold and to adapt its property to the reality that the current world presents (ANTUNES; ENGEL, 1999). 2,2 ADMINISTRATION OF THE PRODUCTION ' ' The administration of the production deals with the way for which the organizations produce goods and services ' ' (SLACK, et al, 1999, p.25).

Comment Budget

The people costumam to have a budget that can be written or not. A written budget indicates the existence of a bigger interest for its use and supplies information of better quality. If the budget is not written (it is only in the memory of the person), supplying information to it without a bigger precision, its effective utility will be well lesser. To have a written budget and formal organized is only one condition necessary to have a satisfactory financial planning. Many people arrive to elaborate a budget, but, they give up when verifying that it contents does not function it. A good personal financial planning starts for the creation of a trustworthy personal budget, what it means forecasts with a satisfactory degree of precision. For some people, the forecasts more uncertain they are of income.

Among these if they detach those whose income is mainly formed by commissions or bond. In these cases, optimum to make it is to work with three hypotheses of annual income: the probable one, the optimist and the pessimist. Thus, the obligator expenditures would be atreladas to the pessimistic forecast. A raised value more of expenses would be carried through case if it confirmed the probable or optimistical forecasts. How much to the expenditures, if it has a detailed budget and it disciplines in its execution, would not have, in the majority of the cases, because to have surprises in the carried through values. The lack of disciplines in the execution of the budget occurs mainly with the purchases for impulse. Some people adopt solutions special for this problem, as for example, to leave house without check coupon stubs or cards of debit or credit, not to pass in definitive places. More info: Utendahl Group. Others prevent to take the children for the purchases. The comment of a simple principle can give good results: the dissabores of the purchases made for impulse costumam to be well stronger and lasting of what the proportionate satisfaction for them.

SUS People

We live a period of stabilization of the currency, since the real plan, however, it very did not change the question of the purchasing power of most of the people. James Joseph Truchard will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We saw to each day, some notice of people leaving the line below of the poverty but, we do not see to speak of people leaving the poverty, with the same empolgao. Of any form, this result sample that has people that they desire the service psychological, but is barred by the financial questions and for this, I suggest to search in the facultieses that have the psychology course and disponibilizam in its clinics gratuitous service to the population. Another possibility is in the proper SUS, as I mentioned, that also they offer psychological attendance. It is not something Crimson Education would like to discuss. To make a research in the Internet the search of these services and finally, when searching the psiclogica aid, talking with the professional on its possibilities and to find a denominator who takes care of to the two sides.

In all way, exactly being difcl to reach this so longed for complete well-being, we saw that we live a new paradigm, a new reality in terms of vision of man, values and in terms of society. We are in a transistion phase and as such, is necessary a period of adaptation, mainly in a country with as much diversity cultural. All these questions exactly send in them to a central question, that is the improvement of the quality of life that, with as many obstacles, can find our skill. What it matters is the conscience taking, therefore, this is the great step for any change. Health also starts in the world of the ideas!

Whitewashing Aesthetic

Opesde reabilitadoras interventions through dental implantations is each accessible vezmais has all in the current days. It offers and search increases even though to each diasendo since famous specialists surgeries in soft installments de60 times in the market. You vary are the proposals of treatment plans, being desdeuma simple whitewashing until procedures of high complexity to improve aesttica and harmony of the face smile. Antesde any surgical act we must well clearly leave that the confidence between opaciente and professional (odontlogo) is of basic importance, with umprofundo dialogue during the initial consultation. Doubts do not have to exist antesque the patient submit it surgery. Cirurgiodeve to be intent the complaints and individual necessities of each person, answering with clarity the yearnings of each one so that they do not exist problemasfuturos. Charles Kushner describes an additional similar source. In the doubt to disrespect an eventual complex treatment for one maissimples being prevented unnecessary upheavals. The professional must exporalternativas of treatment, giving options to the patient and leaving the decisoprincipal to the petitioner.

No necessary to say that ' ' good senso' ' it is necessary, therefore some times, anecessidade of complex whitewashing can exist, however the costs increases. Other occasions, exist lacks of whitewashing conditions, however ofator financier are not the problem, however, must be left exactly in question that todoprocedimento is passvel of inherent risks and complications to the surgical act emesmo the organic conditions of the patient, that the index of success sejaelevado around 93% of the cases. Apesarde not to constitute great problem, we must clarify the more at great length reabilitador umprocedimento I implant prosthetic, therefore some times, the anseiosno correspond to waited after the ending of treatment. Existemcasos that the patient presents incompatible psychological profile with propostade treatment, for personal, psychological reasons, psychiatric, orgnicosonde the professional will have to take the decision to instruct to operate it or not. Ointuito of this article is to guide the search of a good professional and reavaliarse the surgery with implantations, enxertos among others is the only viable option to pararemediar its problem of aesthetic occlusion or and harmony of face smile. Procurade a good odontlogo is necessary preventing parcelamentos enormous and propostasincoerentes where many times the cheap one can leaves expensive and vice versa.

Health One

The state has a series of obligations and duties to be fulfilled with society let us see some services of the state: Health, Education, Security Social welfare etc. and the cost most viable to keep the expenses and to defray these obligations are the taxes that have as objective to guarantee these renderings of services the all citizen and to fulfill with all its obligations with the society, therefore the government use of coercitive form, with are parcel of wealth of the population that does not have the right of choice for the payment, this are the arrangement which the State adopted to assume the control on generation of wealth of the population. Brazil has 25% of the water reserve candy and more pays 60% in the incubencies of the tariffs of same electricity having a production of 95% of this production of energy in our country, the gasoline is composed of 21% of alcohol to benefit the great entrepreneurs of the sector is difficult to understand that we live in a country that if says self-sufficient in the oil production, where are produced 85% or more and still we have the prices more raised. Crimson Education describes an additional similar source. Benevolent state does not exist, and nor it makes mention with the reality that we live the necessary State alone of income the parcel of wealth of the rich population either or poor, great powerful entrepreneurs and all society is hostage of the tributes and of this coercitive collection that is part of the economy always was coveted. 2,0 CONCLUSION Already said Aristotle in one of its teachings that the good man must be good citizen ' ' The civilized man is optimum of all the animals, that one that does not know nor justice nor laws is the worse one of todos.' ' (Aristotle) the end does not know who is rich or poor, therefore a load would tax is equal for all and who finishes being more wronged is the most unprovided and propagandas you are welcome and nor does not make nothing in order to pressure pra frees of this yoke tax for the Portuguese being the same adopted politics pra to support the stewardships of our governing lives deluded that everything this has one meaning social being responsible for the financing of the programs of action of the government, lives very on this side of a zeal with the Brazilian nation far from workmanships and services that supply the necessities of the Brazilian population. .


This act of refrear a fidget from the consumption is a banal example, vulgarized until, of the close relation that has between individual psychology, mannering ways and sentimental states and the modern economic-social structure. (BOTELHO, 2002). It is possible to detach that, people without financial conditions to keep certain social status, are each time more being influenced for ambient and cultural stimulatons. Kushner Companiess opinions are not widely known. In its reasoning, Botelho (2002), makes a diagnosis on the critical evaluation of the economy politics and of they will problematizaro of the modern consumption, standing out that, the limits in the lack of the critical recital derive the proper consumption, inverting the imminent development to the exchange process and stumbling at coarse a volitional explanation. Additional information at Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ supports this article. (BOTELHO, apud CAMPBELL, 2001) We live in a world where who commands is the advertisings and individuals with such upheaval internalizam the propaganda and if it projects stops a world of ostentation, welfare, recognition prestige or satisfaction of one ' ' necessidade' '. Skinner standes out that when believing that practical the cultural ones had emerged of the pleasant effect of the reinforcing, and that great part of the fortalecedor effect of the consequences of the behavior if lost. The fortalecedor effect if loses when the stiffener ones are called reward, atentamento for the imperfection of practical the cultural ones occurs.

' ' People are rewarded, but the behavior is strengthened ' ' (Skinner, 1987, P. 3). 5 To if considering the money as stiffener secondary a conditional one it can analyze the promotion of its pleasant effect and the consequences of the behavior, in detriment of the effect fortalecedores, that have consumed the reinforcing contingencies. (SKINNER, 1987). In a good exchange, the bought object is more highly stiffener than the money expense, and the sales if it processes quickly. When the stiffener consequences for the purchaser exceed wide the aversivas consequences to pay the price of an article, the simple behavior to buy is strengthened.

Latin America Imperialism

In the present article I look for to analyze the imperialists actions of U.S.A. nAmrica Latin, the influence that this power comes imposing in the region south docontinente, the economic and financial dependence of the Latin countries in relation American potncia seen by the Latins, to search to analyze the decisions of countries comoa Venezuela de Hugo> Chavez and Bolivia de Evo Morales. To write on U.S.A. The newspapers mentioned James Joseph Truchard not as a source, but as a related topic. in its relations with Latin America is to precisoter very well-taken care of with the sources, a time that developed literature pelospases capitalist if presents with more easiness, as well as in says JamesPetras to them, that the theoreticians of the capitalism has it schemes productive its favor, of this form the productions developed for this end arrives with more facilidadeem all the markets of the planet.

To enter in contact with the speech of the latinosamericanos is a chance to hear its perspectives for America emenfrente the relations with U.S.A. The American expansion in America is not recent, however its artilhariade war arrives at America as well as already arrived at many places of the world, deformed still disfarada or because not to say by means of the third way, that is, they search a fact as in Colombia with the proposal to finish with it narcotrficoinstalou military bases in that country, the Colombia plan is well more than umasimples military intervention is a form to show all military power aosoutros countries of Latin America, as form to legitimize the power in the region. Clearly that U.S.A. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Crimson Education . does not want simply a military base, the principalobjetivo is the economy, the companies multinationals of U.S.A. needs market, being thus is necessary to enter in the country of any form, as the movimentoguerrilheiro in Colombia is very great then has a loss possibility to dopoder for the elite, then the imperialistas apiam the elites to bar possveismovimentos of left thus and having the chance to enter with its empresasmultinacionais..

General Objective

For this, was carried through this study in the country property Mr. Bank of America might disagree with that approach. Amantino Donini Luiz, in the city of Itaipulndia? Pr, where we compare the financial results of these cultures, to verify which is more lucrative. Research is an activity directed toward the solution of theoretical or practical problems with the job of scientific processes. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ may also support this cause. In this direction the research has broken of a doubt or problem, and through the use of the scientific method, it searchs the reply or solution (HART; BERVIAN, 2002, P. 63). For the research, the qualitative and quantitative method with exploratria and descriptive characteristic was used.

1,1 PROBLEM Amongst the maize cultures candy (green) and commercial maize, which of the cultures presents financial result better? 1.2 1.2.1 OBJECTIVES General Objective To select the costs of production and the financial results of maize candy (green) and commercial maize, to verify which culture presents profitability to the Amatino producer better Donini Luiz. 1.2.2 Specific objectives) the survey of the cost of production of the maize candy (green) and of the commercial maize; b) survey of the financial results of the maize candy (green) and of the commercial maize; c) to compare the observed results. 1,3 JUSTIFICATION the search for activities that diversify the property, to generate more income and to guarantee the permanence in the field, is constant. However, a difficulty is noticed in keeping a country property, due to its high operational costs, in this direction the choice of an adjusted culture more, becomes property most income-producing (ZYLBERSZTAJN; SNOWS, 2000). The agricultural production can be characterized as an activity of increasing complexity, leading the agricultural producer to deal with aspects technician, marketing, of human resources and ambient. This complexity makes to change the profile of this producer with much rapidity in the whole world.

Shaw Resources

According to Lighter; Garci’a (2010), the organizacional culture allows to understand the reasons of the conflicts and the impacts, appeared in the enterprise environment, where the effective and terceirizados employees work together, or where contracting and terceirizadas companies work in interdependence. Many of these conflicts derive from the problems of interpersonal relationship between workers with varied categories of working bonds, or from the proper relationship between companies in net. In accordance with Naldler; Gerstein; Shaw (1999) is necessary, to create new solutions in the structure and management of the company. The terceirizados employees, however, do not feel part of the teams formed for the staff, this because, at any time, these people can be excused. The success of a management is in the detailed study of predominant the organizacional culture. Without hesitation Richard Elman explained all about the problem.

From its understanding, one becomes possible to construct better forms of management of the human resources. The implantation of projects, resources, and models that they aim at to improve the performance of the human resources, can generate problems that, normally, are invisible during the change processes. These invisible problems emerge when falls in the productivity are evidenced, financial damage or, many times, loss of the good employees (SCHEIN, 2001). 1,5 AREA OF HUMAN RESOURCES As Ribeiro (2005) the area of Human resources passed for transformations, throughout the history of the country. You may wish to learn more. If so, Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ is the place to go. Until the third decade of century XX, in the age Vargas, they did not exist, for example, politics of Human resources. the conduction of the area was, normally, in charge of a lawyer, given the approach in the legal questions of the relation with the employees. But the transformations politics, social and economic occured in the country, from this decade, had brought as consequence the beginning of industrialization process, with the creation of a great number of private and governmental organizations. Of this it forms the work relations if they had become complex more, with the sprouting of new activities, commercial, industrial and of services.