Department Pointers

This to the times is truth. But it has situations where if it can improve the performance, without this costs more money. It costs the effort to organize and better to take care of with new ideas. A leading source for info: Sergey Brin. To brighten up, objective pointers and measures of results, help very. We have little culture in this area; we measure little. I mention it indicating of quality, of efficiency, to count how many people if it took care of, how much cost or the time expense to return? this when we make? to the contributor. In this aspect we perceive great difference in relation to some sectors of the private initiative, in which if it measures each detail: the used material, the hours used in the work, the wage, the available team.

When are not used pointers? what still it is frequent in the public sector? the moral of the team tends to be low, or to accomodate. Nobody enxerga the result of the work. With the aid of pointers, the people start to understand its paper better, veem more clearly what they make. They get an evidence of its action. Of certain form, they start to act in function of goals, search to surpass them, they bring new ideas.

The public organizations can and must work with evaluation of results. Innovation depends on evaluation. To find the new ideas we must hear the people and this in them takes the best ones resulted. Better ideas appear, or the ideas improve. But the debate must be qualified, organized. That is, objective pointers. Debate of opinion finishes in fight. The objetividade is basic. The organizations that to know to hear tend to earn, can advance, and identify new chances. Adm. Ricardo Wagner de Managing Carvalho of the Department of Strategical Projects Amtec?

The Planning

Questions as the positioning of the employee in relation to the rank of busy work, the environment, the forms of organization of the work and to the relation command/subordinated are tems that they cannot leave of being evaluated. (FIELDS, 1992) 5 POLITICS OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND ATTEMPTS TO DEFINE the QVT the complexity that involves the administrative case is requesting of the high administrators capacities to manage the human capital, in order to construct a organizacional ambincia that favors the generation of the knowledge. The knowledge is weaveeed from the interactions, possesss a social essence (Nonaka apud Biggiero, (2001). ‘ ‘ The lines of direction constitute the starting point for the planning of human resources. For its intermediary, we promote the integration of the company as organic, sistmica entity; with the functions, it looks development, maintenance, research, use of staff and with the external environment.

(AQUINO, 1980) Davis and Newstrom (1996) present a made up of 0 variable that must be observed for the movement of a system for the other most privileged one in participation terms, as illustrate the Figure below. 6MODELOS OF DIAGNOSIS OF QUALITY OF LIFE IN the WORK the importance of the motivacionais theories of Maslow and Herzberg with the pyramid of the necessities human beings and the theory of the hygienical and motivacionais factors for the study of the QVT, detaches (Fernandes 1996). Classic project of the necessities In the pyramid they are to the necessities most immediate, called primary necessities, and in the top the most sophisticated called secondary necessities. The authors focaram its attentions in the necessities human beings (physiological, security guard, social) as factors of maintenance of the motivation with consequences in the maximizao of the abilities and potential, that is, in the performance and auto-accomplishment of the individual..

The Research

3,0 IMPORTANT ASPECTS FOR A WORK IN TEAM: 3.1 – PR-TAREFA: It is the phase where some individuals of the team feel some fears basic as fear of loss, anxiety, this makes with that they use the defensive techniques that is resist the changes, for this attitude of some members of the team, the group paralyze tend it, make look like not to have capacity, do not believe itself, are half mentally ill, only carry through task to pass the time therefore not yet have a defined objective, this generate a constant insatisfao, therefore in the reality the actions tie the moment are carried through in order to hinder any situation of transformation. Continue to learn more with: J P Morgan Chase. 3.2 – TASK: a set of actions shared in a co-responsibility. It is a joint construction that makes possible common objectives. In the ticket of the daily pay-task for task it would be exactly to decide the ansiedades and to show that the essential at the moment and to solve the problem and that all must be made use to make the task. The group appears with a global perception of the elements in game, starts to elaborate strategies and tactics, where it can intervine in the situations provoking transformations. We enter, thus then, in the idea of project or product that would be those strategies and tactics to produce a change that in turn, process if puts another time in march. 3.3 – CLIMATE: The Organizacional Climate is surrounding human being inside of which the people of an organization make its work. The climate cannot be touched or be visualized, however it can be perceived and be mensurado in its diverse aspects. The Research of Organizacional Climate, aims at a first moment, to provide the analysis of the organization with its environment, as well as the set of conditions that characterize the state of satisfaction and/or insatisfao of the collaborators in the company and of the too much people who with them interact.