Leibniz Education

The educator holistic holistic educator is aware of the comprehensive practice; It is not enough to have a theory, this is just one half; the other half is practice. The integration of both is what makes it possible to really a holistic education. The holistic educator will work for comprehensive society characterized by interdependence, and their mission will be geared not only to the training of professionals, but, above all, to the formation of human beings related to the universal dynamics. Four levels of appropriation are considered for the realization of education holistic: first level, is the interest in knowing what is the holistic education; second level, is that of information to know what it is; third level, is knowledge. Understanding at depth of meaning and of the foundations, principles, strategies and expectations. Fourth level, is that of wisdom; the transformation of our own consciousness through the direct experience of spirituality. This is the level that must reach all holistic educator. BASE philosophical philosophical base is reflected more in the books, learning to be, dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion and the path of the perennial philosophy.

The first thing that is worth commenting on is that it is that one of these texts said that Aludos Huxley pointed out that the term perennial philosophy was coined by Leibniz to refer to a divine reality that is in the world and that is also part of human nature. This philosophy is based on the vision of non-duality, from which focuses on the activities of the human experience towards a new culture and a new awareness. And in the field of education, the purpose is that education systems must serve to train individuals capable of recognizing and respecting the essence that is the principle of all things. Using this basis, are expected to transcend the principle of filling the glass, characteristic of mechanistic vision, to adopt the principle of stoke the flame.

Exchange Business

40% Closes in the next 5 years. And only 10% is successful. Although it is a simple statistic, I do not think that it is very far from reality. The new revolution in the world of E-Commerce as business always do, let’s see how it defines it Wikipedia: E-commerce (Electronic Commerce anglicism) consists of buying and selling products or services over electronic systems such as b other computer networks. The Exchange conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the massification of Internet.

It is definitely a real business that moves products and services directly to the final public, global reach and where every day, at every moment, added hundreds of thousands of people. On the one hand are those who deliver new offers and proposals and by another which seek and apply for new products and services. With an evolution and a constant, permanent and unending growth in terms of products and demands them. Swarmed by offers, bobby bland is currently assessing future choices. Some main differences between traditional business and traditional business E-Commerce is necessary having capital is necessary authorizations, permits and registrations. Costs fixed that you can not avadir’re attached to a schedule of care generally need employees permanent spending on remodeling and renovation of stock in many cases is necessary to sell credits (increases the risk) hardly teach you get customers to expand you must open branches (money investment) don’t have free time E-Commerce without accounts to collect without accounts payable without rentals with little inventory without fixed costs without employees with minimum local investment for all kinds of people possibility to make from your home can sell around the world wellIt is only a small sample but you can clearly see the main differences between one and another. Sometimes a mere fact a simple information is enough to shoot our response and that is enough to make a decision. Technology is advancing by leaps, must to turn to live with it, is in our lives, a constant presence renewed and surprising, which provides us with possibilities and new things every time. She is in charge of which the human being has obtained a better quality of life.

The technology imposes its presence and assigns new patterns, new rules and new trends. One of these new trends is clearly trade Electronic (E-Commerce) is the global revolution in the world of business: with internet barriers broke down, jumped the walls be massified open and direct communication of global reach and this formidable power of communication gives us this new way of doing business emerged from new technologies. Finally, the technology is here at your disposal. These new possibilities are within your reach, but they are still, so near and yet so predisposed to have them in your own hands on the keyboard which is now facing you. You only have to spend a little more than time and find what you’re looking for. Lots of luck!

Roger Greenway

The verb ' ' dar' ' in this direction, one is not mere determined person to open the hand and to offer to some they outrem it thing. Click Volvo to learn more. Before, it is to give or to offer a precious gift for that it does not deserve, without imposing the act of receiving of some thing in exchange or bargain. It was accurately what God made: He offered its loved Son to rescue the man who if had moved away completely from it. To understand on mission she is necessary to leave of this principle: God gave to its Son and the proper Son if he gave for salvation of the elect ones. Roger Greenway making mention of the missilogo Francis M. Dubose, says that the same it affirms that the Biblical figure of the true God is compared with the one of a great continuous ' ' Enviador' '. The passion for the glory of God is a burning hot desire of that It is only adored in all place, and that is the fuel that keeps burning hot and impetuous the flame missionary. A Spirit of God will continue to inspire to men and women to the mission until the prophecy of fulfilled Habacuque 2,14 either: ' ' Therefore the land will full of the knowledge of the glory Mr., as the waters cover mar' '.

The mission of Jesus in the world was: To search and to save the lost one (Lc 19,10). Jesus came to this world as resulted of a comissionamento the holy ghost. Thus, the mission of each Christian in the Land is of to nail the Evangelho (Mc 16,15). to the similarity of the proper Jesus, nobody has the right nor of if auto-to commission, neither, churches and organizations missionaries, can place as mere ' ' recrutadoras' ' , without before it has undisputed and demanding tests of the divine vocation.

Legal Support

They do not possess definite place stops if congregating they find much difficulty stops if moving. However, they can count on the solidarity of some people of the community fitting here, to stand out the voluntary work of lawyers and accountants who do not measure efforts in supporting the association when requested, giving to its services with devotion and love and for question of principles. According to Rodrigues, the social inclusion in the schools of Tangar of the Mountain range, is banalizada, therefore although to be something legal, the practical one is not applicable: … ' ' the schools will not adaptaro to receive these deficient ones, the school Antonio Great House, for example, they do not possess accessibility none, they had made inclusion without accessibility this is a nonsense! Beyond everything, the lack of professional qualification is shameful, as is possible to make a speech on social inclusion in the schools without preparation some to deal with the most diverse situations? ' ' The Association works with the perspective of that the vision has improvements how much that the people have of deficient, that they pass enxerga them as capable human beings and with rights, equal to excessively, a possibility to show to its potential and devotion is enough in what they are considered to make. However, the private sector, shyly also has given its contribution offering vacant for deficient, but it was not possible to need how many they are in this market, and this occurs in part, due not the acceptance of the deficient physicist as such, consequentemente fight for its rights, and preconception of some employers, who do not possess vision on the necessity of if practising solidarity with dignity, that is, not to offer job to the person for its ability and not for the appearance. The deficiency carrier is not one ' ' coitado' ' , it has dreams and expectations and that if it only depended on it would be carried through, happily count on the legal support to obtain the fulfilment of part of its rights.