Abraham Maslow

In this category we include clothing, that everyday accessory in which we place our body to protect it from the weather, with whose contact we feel comfortable, especially with intimate apparel. (A valuable related resource: bobby bland). There are also shoes, in which our feet protected and safe from stepping on any terrain feel. Sensors are within the product in this category. It must be taken into account that one of the primary or hygienic needs, according to Abraham Maslow, are those of second order, i.e. the need for security is triggered with naturalness after the needs for power and survival. We could even discuss the critical phase of a baby coming out of the womb of his mother, where he was protected for almost nine months and that at the time of birth has to face a new world, surrounded by many threats, different temperatures, incomprehensible noise and up to a times undue caresses that scares the infant.

Then appears a need to find in the arms of the mother, tranquility and security to survive, not only being in this new world. Later the human being seeks to protect from the street, the environment weather and start building their houses, creates its territory that considers inviolable. They then begin to appear the needs of housing, property, construction, etc. This need is satisfied with product of type containers that besides giving him the purely physical (protection), offers you the comfort of knowing that within that container is not only safe, but satisfied. When this need is social order, not enough House or housing, now the satisfactor called – automobile-, which in the first instance provides ease of movement, but in the case of brand cars become Premium sign of power is required. These containers products, are not always purchased to meet basic protection needs, such as a wrap, to prevent the cold, but that it also becomes a sign of wealth and power, however it will be difficult to find many willing people accept that they use bison fur coats, to highlight to others.