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Stella simple elegance Munich benchmark, August 14, 2008 – show me your House and I tell you who you are. Like it simple, elegant and tidy, the other more traditional original. Only a few, because colorful distributed CDs like disorder, however, or newspapers lying around flatter any room. Chris Shumway recognizes the significance of this. Well, if all this in the practical CD rack or paper holder disappears. However, such furniture look rarely appealing.

The new storage system Stella”from the House of adjustable features, however, clear design and combines two objectives: multi functionality and high-quality appearance. Since July of this year, Stella is”is available exclusively at. The system is there for the CD – and newspaper retention, as well as a place for the wine collection: Stella_Literat, Stella_Musik and Stella_Wein are the different elements. All three basic elements are of solid walnut in different colors and designs to fine paint finishes in combination with fine stainless steel. Depending on the base element and material vary between 278 and 298 euro the shipping is already included.

Quality and individuality were when developing systems Stella”by beginning to focus. A goal was reduced and clear design without neglecting the function. Due to individual variations and particularly high-quality materials, Stella adapts”every room and is yet a special accent. Is made the system order in small quantities and only in Germany. Thus, we can guarantee highest quality with adjustable. I know personally all producing companies and therefore, only the provided materials to be used”, explains Managing Director Uwe Hollfoth. “Also at the service, the company has high standards: the delivered product does not, like the customers he can send back free it 14 days”, so Hani. For more information and pictures see: pressebox contact: PR agency Xpand21 Katharina Bader Dammtor str. 12 20354 Hamburg 040-32509170-pr agency