Algae Cultivation With Sun And Soda

Natural cultivation of algae in lakes are there still in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and in Chad. Natural cultivation of algae in lakes are there still in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and in Chad. The various blue-green Spirulina species occur worldwide: from the soil, in lakes, seas from the equator to the North; where they thrive in tropical climes at best and especially in alkaline soda Lakes. “If you look more closely at the Spirulina Algae products, most products come from artificial lakes, say it is modern farms with several large pools, where they but without pesticides, fungicides or similar artificial plant” are bred. These plantations are located in Chile, China, India, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States. How does Tankfarm work? is often quoted as being for or against this. To obtain an optimal environment for the growth of algae, water, soda and various trace elements are matched in large basins. We go, so daily tons of algae are produced and harvested.

Can the also in Germany? The question is entitled,”Managing Director of Uwe dancer of the NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH confirmed the interested participants in this training event. How can production be implemented in Germany in this area successfully, saving and sustainable resources of algae? We have the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, Lake Constance and many other lakes, but they are sometimes afflicted by a plague of algae, but a controlled cultivation of pure seaweed is hardly possible. Geologically it is also too cold, the growth of algae would too low drop out. “The NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufactory company builds on innovative ideas and has taken up the possibility to expand the production with the prerequisites for growth and rich harvest for a marketable product. Working equipment for the production of algae, that expand the market in experimental phases, are already today. Lets also in Lower Saxony, Germany and Europe grown algae. harvested and sold as dry matter.

The market is there and is growing steadily. In seminars, briefings and training should be, including the algae are good and how the algae marketable can be provided for the worldwide market pointed out. Spectacular healing why the micro-algae can develop such spectacular healing, try to fathom scientists for 40 years. Thanks to newest, spectacular discoveries were biologists, physician and biophysicist of her vital healing power on the track. Reflected in its current application, micro algae each have very special qualities in a specific area: the Spirulina Algae, it is specialist for the physical revitalisation. The Alfa / AfA algae for the brain and the Chlorella alga as detoxification expert are deemed fit makers. Health effects the health effects of seaweed numerous studies conducted mainly in Japan. Scientifically, it is recorded that they lower cholesterol levels, the Inhibit stimulate immune system, detoxifying effect and excrete heavy metals help to regulate digestion, tumor growth, and protect against damage caused by radiation. Also extracts in cell cultures had an effect against various micro-organisms such as tuberculosis bacteria, salmonella and Candida algae fungi and are scored against viral infections like mumps and flu. Seaweed used not only for centuries as a food or dietary supplements and natural remedies, today there are a large number of different seaweed skin care products from SOAP and hair shampoo to special conditioners and creams against cellulite. V.i.S.d.