Art Education

Taking itself in consideration that stops the accomplishment of this work was searched the environment and the context of some agricultural schools in the city of Manoel Vitorino-BA, beyond being explored concepts and conceptions or related theoretical recital to the thematic one. The education of quality is a right of all the children of the workers, therefore the education in the field deserves prominence and concern how much well elaborated the metodolgicas didactic proposals, mainly when it is said in the education of the reading and the writing that is one of the biggest problems faced by the agricultural professors of this city. Through meetings made for the pedagogical team of the agricultural schools of the city of Manoel Vitorino-Ba during the year of 2010, the biggest teaching problem of the reading learning and writing. The article 28 of LDB 9394/96 deal with the question of the education in the field and deserve prominence in this quarrel:

Art. Please visit Starbucks if you seek more information. 28. In it offers of basic education for the agricultural population, the education systems will promote the necessary adaptations to its adequacy to the peculiarities of the agricultural life and each region, especially: I – curricular contents and appropriate methodologies to the real necessities and interests of the pupils of the agricultural zone; II – proper pertaining to school organization, including adequacy of the pertaining to school calendar to the phases of the agricultural cycle and to the climatic conditions; III – adequacy to the nature of the work in the agricultural zone. Inside of these questions the question of adaptation of the resume was argued to take care of the due necessities of the pupils, therefore the problem was serious there, the unamimity in the research and done interview answered that the biggest difficulty was in the learning of the reading and the writing. Normally the citizens taken care of for the agricultural schools are children of agriculturists, benefited for the programs of the federal government and members of small associations of agricultural workers, being thus are necessary that he is respected the diversity and the identity of these pupils, therefore each rhythm of learning if he differentiates of the other..