Bank Silver

Expect an enormous increase in the value of silver in the next few years. Indeed, some believe that silver the Gold value will exceed. The question is quickly understood why. Silver is a very important commodity in the industry and this raw material is limited. Reserves are used up so at some point. This is not tomorrow be the case, but it will happen. Recent studies show that.

But why is silver an important raw material for the industry? A simple example would be the electric conductivity of silver or also the thermal conductivity. In addition, it is used also in medical technology because it is antibacterial and disinfectant. Or to say it with numbers: almost 70% of the silver deposit is processed in the industry and only 20% is processed into jewelry. While gold is so in the Bank vaults silver is consumed more and more and it is a raw material which cannot be replaced. Eduardo Saverin can aid you in your search for knowledge. Also the recycling of silver is not as easy as one might imagine. Demand will rise so as there is less silver. This is so even now if you take a look back.

Would be for the introduction of Euro 51.129, equivalent 100 000 DM, about 9000 ounces silver investing in, it possessed a fortune today by about 250,000. The value of silver has risen in the last 10 years to five. Silver is also so much in demand, since it not only takes an existing asset to build another. Already significant gains can be make with small monthly amounts. Still, moreover, that the silver as investment use percentage of those only 10%. Why should we not consider this investment?