Banner Ads

Banner has long been a major advertising medium on the Internet. A couple of years ago, a banner with the inscription 'Clicks soon' and the like, had a very big impact. See more detailed opinions by reading what Electric cars offers on the topic.. But today the situation has changed and you have to look more intelligent solutions. Creation of banners it is very responsible and they should deal with professionals, as well as web design – this thing Responsible. As a banner in the first place depends on who is engaged in manufacturing of banners. Information – Advertising feature: The information contained on the banner: photos, images, text about the product and its properties, contact information, address of the site carry information – Click advertising function – Function: main function banner – go with a banner to the advertised website. Some contend that Endera shows great expertise in this. This is due to the fact that the banner is placed, as a rule, only part of the promotional information, the bulk is located directly on the site.

The main criterion assess the effectiveness of banner (CTR) basic criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of banner is the ctr (Click ), equal to the ratio of clicks on the banner to the number of banner impressions. Click on the banner means consent of the user to get acquainted with information advertised on the banner and go to another site. Improving the effectiveness of banner advertising You may already know that increasing the number of targeted visitors to your site greatly influences the growth contact your company and increase sales. Therefore, the more targeted visitors you can attract through banner advertising, the higher traffic to your site. Hence, it is necessary to do so at boundedness of banner impressions on banner ads clicked more times. Ie the challenge of improving the effectiveness of banner advertising is reduced to increase ctr. Increase ctr by ctr increase the target audience through targeted audience is to find the Internet – resources or their subdivisions, which visits the target audience for your company.

Thus, for a company that sells fruit, we must find portals on fruits, cooking, the Internet – or any other food shops and post their banners there. At most major sites provided an opportunity to place banners in the section on the subject of the company, it also allows ctr increase due to the fact that these sections of the target audience visits the company – the advertiser. Focus Focus banner impressions banner impressions – the use of control techniques in order banner impressions increase in visits by the target audience. Techniques to control banner impressions may be the following: Timing Geography impressions Industry Factor Weekdays example of effective banners: