BGKInet Launches Spring Survey

First half-year survey 2008 the Constance business climate index starts on the 15th of may at May 15, 2008 launches the survey period for the determining of the Constance spring survey business climate index Constance – the is the water level indicator of economic development in the International Lake Constance. On the basis of economic concepts, the captured the essential characteristics of the economic development around Lake Constance. This shows the index number of the both direction and intensity of development: goal is the region around Lake Constance as transnational economic region to analyze and determine the mood within the various local companies. The provides an information input and thus contributing to better political and economic decisions in the Lake Constance area. More and more companies participate in the, survey this information input is better. Any operation expressly prohibited in the Lake Constance area is invited to participate in this scientific study.

The simple questionnaire can be filled out online within a few minutes on the page. Because meaningfulness and scientific value but an increasing number of participants may be increased, the team of also in this survey hopes for an active participation of the companies located in the region of Lake Constance again. Following the month-long survey period an index number is published by as it also did in all previous surveys, which reflects the current state of the economy in the cross-border economic area of Lake Constance. The evaluation is based on modern wirschaftswissenschaftlicher methods that have been adapted and conceived for this purpose by students of the University of Konstanz. In addition owes interest steadily growing transnational economic survey unique selling point of the study, the in addition to the modern methodology of Economics, politics and the public. Learn more about the current study as well as to the overall project on the website put together.