Building A House

Among the many problems and challenges that must be addressed to those who build the house, one of the most important – the future supply of family nest. To households do not feel the residents of the desert, for one inmate per day at home shall be at least 150 liters of water quality! And that's without accounting for such purposes, such as watering the garden or vegetable garden. On the luxury of a centralized water supply in most Russian villages and towns not dream dare. So the problem of providing domestic water homeowners decide according to their needs and financial possibilities. In vivo example, we will not go into fruitless arguments about the advantages of one or other decisions. Much more useful just to see how the problem of water supply has been implemented in a typical suburban cottage.

This two-story brick house at 200 square meters. m on a 15 hectare plot with a garden, vegetable garden and lawn family vacation in a beautiful location close to Istra. His boss Vitaly equip house "forever". More recently, he lives here with his wife and three children, the youngest of whom was not even half a year. They often sit and visit with her grandmother and numerous relatives and friends. "Historically, acceptable sources of water in this area was a bit – says Vitali. resource throughout. – Aquifers in our area are quite deep, so that dig a well here it makes no sense – the water will still not be enough for my family.