Business Development Company

Many medium-sized companies rely on maintaining existing customer contacts and usually they have no established structures and processes for the development of a business. But the competitors in the market are getting stronger and to exist in the market (pressure of competition to keep), the business development in practice is no one-off”measure, but a continuous process. Whether newcomer or companies already established in the market, more and more companies (including the SMEs) is aware of, thinking about the permanent importance of innovations or changes in the business and to act accordingly. So is the business development the development of the company in the foreground and includes activities that should lead to increase the profit as well as the services and production potential of the company. In addition, the business development includes investment for the growth and expansion of the company. It so to speak is a process which promotes the company and Products/services on the market to offer and so his strength, even compared to its competitors, to demonstrate puts in the situation. “To cope with these demanding tasks, business development manager of the market, marketing, know-how should know of sales (up and expanding customer relationships, as well as the recognition of sales potential) as well as a pronounced understanding for the purpose of the undertaking, the products / services, the production processes and a feeling” have for trends and currents.

The establishment of business relations with potential business partners plays for a business development flow also a strong role, because the contacts to potential customers, such as buyers, as well as other business partners serve to achieve corporate goals. Small digression business models: what services, how and for whom are to provide, that describes a business model. “The whole thing is considered from three perspectives: what”, so for what products or Local service; “For whom”, in which market and which target group and how “is the design of the value chain.