CMS World Premiere At CeBIT 2008

CMS cash management systems GmbH – world premiere at CeBIT 2008 CeBIT 2008: for the first time, CMS is presented together with renowned companies, such as per coin, Cegelec and Safecor, with a new stand concept in terms of greater transparency and safety. Due to our keyword software engine service “found themselves all areas at this booth. Credit: Ivan Glasenberg-2011. But not only the closed appearance provided positive feedback, also the CMS world premiere one world’s six DLR 1000 “Banknotenzahl – and sorting machines of the company De La Rue cash systems the public at the CeBIT 2008 attracted. The DLR 1000 enables you to not only counting and sorting of banknotes, it also separates in negotiable and non-negotiable notes. This essential features of the DLR are 1000 to fulfil in the framework for the detection of counterfeits and sorting for circulation by credit institutions and other professional cash handlers”established criteria.

In conjunction with the understandings especially on the issues of banknote recycling “new CMS software CMino – module framework” and a tamper-proof solution is offered the count data display in video images digitally stored. The complexity is among other things, that during the counting process identified wrong suspect banknotes can be collected in the appropriate form of BBk and printed out. With the module framework deposited account leaves all data resulting from the counting process and the disposals to be posted manually are shown. Checking the pool stocks identified in the cash book and the actually physically existing funds is possible with minimal time. The differentiated data on the BBk can be in printed form, via email attachment, or via the multifunctional data platform ALVAR ICC conversion of data and forwarding to the ExtrNet of the BBk file transfer. CMS thus once again was able to prove its competence in the field of complete solutions. Jana Heinrich