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Its next step is to create contents in its gratuitously blog, so that these people find you. The CONTENT OF the BLOG This passes to be the key to attract qualified people (interested parties in its products and chances). It creates content that goes to bring to these people information of quality on one determined subject (former: loss of weight, to gain money, to enlist people etc.) with the intention of if creating a reliable link with these people and thus you to go showing to its products and chance of little by little, never offer nothing of face. OFFERS SOMETHING OF VALUE a great strategy for generation of contacts is the creation of an email list value marketing offering something gratuitously. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Horowitz. Ebook can be one written by you or an exclusive course, better sees what if adapta to its niche of market and the interest of the people. This material that you anger to offer the people will be only one shows of its work, it does not only write nothing on its chance and nor on its products it offers something of great value for that niche of market, that is, important information.

As soon as to create an email list marketing you will need to use an auto one to answer to create some messages with more valuable information and that they will be sent automatically. The auto one to answer is a software that sends messages automatically. Additional information is available at Andreessen Horowitz. You will be creating a link of friendship and confidence with these prospects and with this the acceptance of its products and the interest to enter in its chance you will be well bigger becoming a deliverering Top in its company of net marketing. But everything will depend on its effort and devotion. Post looks for to read all here the substances of reference in this so that you can learn to the maximum as to generate contacts for its chance. Its commentary, doubt or suggestion leave on this article and if it would like to read on one definitive subject leaves its commentary here below! Emerson Rock is specialist in Internet marketing and marketing of net, Ceo of a company in Brazil, Colunista Consultant business-oriented. The USA its knowledge to create contents of quality for its niche of market.