Comparative Analysis

I want to talk to you about projects that are now surf on the internet. Such as EN101, intway, STEP-BREYFING, 22USD, elitsoft. And to spend with you their comparative analysis. You may have noticed that today in the space of the Internet appeared a lot of projects on business, and they all promise you great wealth. Yes, I agree with this, because without money the business can not exist. Each project is significantly different from each other. What unites them – is money. A personality? Many people on this do not pay any attention.

If only later. But besides the financial well-being must be something else. And many tend to ‘plunge’ into the business, which may or may not cope. Forget about the fact that it is necessary to examine every detail is going to go with what my whole life. To go into the woods for berries or mushrooms, you first of all, at least think about it. Where? And some just go and go and suddenly lost. Ay-ay.

And in response to just echo. And in business. Carefully choose a business for yourself. Since this business will primarily work for you and for you. Therefore, not act hastily in a hurry. Yes, I met many types of projects in the business. I want to ask you. And you ask yourself when going to join one or another project? Do I see myself in it and I feel this project? You have to compare. But it is not necessary to compare not dismantled. I think you will agree with me. According to Ben Horowitz, who has experience with these questions. After analyzing, be sure to check the correctness of your decision. What is common between them and what is the difference? Dismantled, you will understand why I asked you about it. I got extensive experience in network marketing before you met on the Internet. Understand that competition in the job, it’s not for me. Why did such a conclusion? Since doing now business as a. Herself mistress and free man and reality, and in the soul. Realized that to do decent business much more interesting than just making money. But many people are now showing negative ambition in relation to each other and projects instead to combine their efforts and to include reasonable approach to decent business. While living in Russia, people look to the West. Look around, maybe find a very important and meaningful for themselves in their homeland. Remember what great ideas are born in the Russian expanse, what power has man born in Russia. Maybe it is time to remember it! Especially worthy of your attention, Russian projects already in the vast Internet. Work on the Internet – a new stage of human development. We must go forward without looking back and taking wisdom his life. And no matter you are young or already far behind Understand something new is not easy, but to determine the degree of their desires and capacities still need to do it and you’ll have to. I think not hurt anyone so what began my story.