In mechanical or automatizadaa formae is to enter the link to your website in online directories that currently exist, open a blog, enter your link in social bookmarking, a flashy or put a viral video on You tube, write articles ( as I'm doing), participate in forums, participate in Yahoo answers or similar places where part generates attractions, or all of the social networks that exist and many forms only exist for placing a link, a link title and optimize the content of your link (generating a semantic context) a to not only attract traffic but also the indiscriminate attempt to increase the visibility of your website with search engines. . These strategies are monotonous and you can make them but I really do want to attract traffic worth and increase your conversion and ROI (return rate) on your website then we can perform the following strategies with a little more focused on their creativity and time in two known Emarketing methodologies: some aimed to get traffic for a long period and other efforts to get traffic quickly and the duration of the strategy to be undertaken (short-term duration). In the first we find all those strategies that are intended to attract the press and crawlers or spiders to search engines, in the second, those strategies are aimed at making online advertising (adwords summon, purchase of banners, ads interactive, etc. Click Magic Johnson to learn more. . ) Or dissemination. Not to dwell on this article, I decided this time to show very briefly some strategies that seek to draw the attention of the press and / or media (which best support, credibility and reliability that its website is referred to by third parties?) Conduct review of social trends, economicasa and / or topics that generate controversy or novelty and are of value for the full hearing identified in traffic and focus on your objective section respectivaa economic, political, business, social or entretenimientoa to the press or media which you want to draw your attention (and I do not mean to write articles like these). .