Dependent And Possessive Love

Love understood from falling in love is a feeling that us allows United to each other in a special way, being in love is to feel that we are part of someone’s life and that we are significant and full of acceptance and joy in life. Having a relationship, couple, in which both members of the couple to have their own personality, and also enrich the life of the other, is a feeling of inner liberation and be in tune with life. The life partner is a decision, is a choice that is taken in day to day, is an option of life that when we confuse it with possession, dependence and suffering, is a source of pain to no bleeding soul and guts. Understand love as a possession amar is a style of children’s emotional life, in which we believe and think, that my partner is mine, that cannot have thoughts, feelings, interests and own opinions. On the contrary, their aspirations have to match mine, their times also and their desires have to be only for the couple.

In these possessive love control and power took a very special place in the couple relationship. Doesn’t interest me what’s wrong, the only thing I care about is that you’re in this House when I say, you leave with who I think convenient and also that you watched as my seems to me. Therefore, if you do, you will receive a good emotional reprimand. These emotional scolding can be passed from indifference to blows to the soul or the silences ominous and full of resentment. Guilt and blackmail are not left waiting. Some couples come to physical violence, because according to these couples, they deserve to have a lesson. It is a life full of pain and suffering, because once established relations, require psychological support to be able to heal.