Deutsche Telekom

Together we create it, projects very fast and customer-oriented to tackle”, Jurgen Hormann, whose firma officially joined together this year with the Department of business at Deutsche Telekom AG and its technical salespeople also trains is pleased. You can already present in successful projects, and the portfolio of products is growing. In addition to the main target group, the upper middle class, easily operated also wholesale. The way there has been a continuous for Hormann: we have learned over the years how a group of this size is ticking, what was initially not easy for us. If you communicate with same language however,’s fun.” A great common denominator was also the personnel policy.

The teams will deliberately placed on continuity. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Johnson. It comes to partners who can you rely on and to openly talk about everything”, Hall believes. This cultured together pretending the customers at the end. It not just about go to Devil come out for sale, but to take the needs of the customers and to be able to estimate. The medical and ecological slightly damaged term holistic is this very true, Hall says. Together with Deutsche Telekom AG, we offer efficient, modern IT technology and in our Kit, you will find components that you can always use”. Norbert Hentges, spokesman who is Managing Director of the Division of Deutsche Telekom business customers comprehensive services to business customers consciously focuses on partner companies: We work for more than a year with system and software houses like ScanPlus together now that we fit together very well. We are strong in the NET-based telecommunications, they convince with distinctive service and intensive customer relationships on the ground.

Moreover, that they can complement our solutions and this is very close to the customers.” For the partners lie in it the chance to be able to offer their customers an expanded portfolio and clientele in the area of network-based Telecommunications and IT systems to expand. There is a very good and strong partner with ScanPlus and attractive synergies were created from the collaboration, explains Hamilton. At first we were the supplier of telecommunications and data networks, now we work together intensively IT management, security and hosting in the area, and that works beautifully. ScanPlus’s strength lies in the optimum adaptation of our products for the customers, because we can not afford that so.” Hamilton recommends ICT system houses overlooking in the near future on a strong service strategy to put: full-service provider that can offer a professional all-round care are needed. In the first place but the aim must be, to increase customer loyalty, because satisfied customers are the best advertisement, even though this may sound corny. And what goes for positive Mundzumundpropaganda.”