Feng Shui

Life is not a request concert”, parents, teachers and employers have often said us – and we have believed them. We feel tired and unhappy, don’t get stuck in the profession and earn never as much as we deserve. Are you also so you feel that certain habitats and situations as exhaustive? “Already the Berlin painter and graphic artist Heinrich Zille commented: you can kill people with apartments such as with an axe.” Everyone feels, what good for him and what is not. But often we admit that our everyday covered this healthy sensibility and we are thus receding from us and the values that are important to us. Our Earth is a place of abundance. But all too often we grow up in an awareness of lack of, that it makes us hard to develop confidence in our capabilities, to recognize our personal size and to live it consciously.

You feel safe and secure, physically healthy, appreciated your services and financially recognized in your environment? Earn with your Work what you can imagine? Feng Shui gives us ways and means on the hand, how we can deliberately make our living and working environment, to support us in our personal development. The man stands in close interaction with its environment and characterizes the rooms where he lives, with his thoughts, feelings, and actions. The rooms take up these vibrations and thus become the resonance space. The physical law of resonance (= l. at by resonare resonate) is always and everywhere.

“That is the point: first man shapes the space, then the space shapes the people.” The need to be with himself and his surroundings again, is increasingly becoming an integral part of a conscious lifestyle. Living and working in a vital environment is an issue for people who want to connect success and quality of life. Imagine yourself, start each morning rested, full of motivation and ambition in the day and do business exactly what you calls and meets. Unthinkable, unachievable and worlds away from your current life situation? A professional Feng Shui consultation may be the solution for you. What could be better than to make your living environment is that it supports you in achieving your life goals? Because: Life is a concert!