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In a sense the name choose its carrier itself. Hidden these true reasons for the choice of the name are for Jarmila Meissnest deep in the mysterious mathematical world transmissions”, that determines the fate of course of every person and the author devotes a detailed section. Whether we like it or not: our life is under the spell of the figures ‘ “, performs Jarmila Meissnest. About our name is the mirror of our life determination, which shows us prospects for past, present and future. We need to know only to interpret these images.” Name of sound and smoke? By due! Follow Jarmila Meissnest, let alone those two or three words that always accompany us, deriving from a ton of information: What strengths can leave a person? What weaknesses should he leave or take account at least their influence in his life planning? Numerology tendencies make plain, the author performs. The is that the unique strength of Numerology: this science is not presume, accurately predict the future of a people. Rather, it is a precise means of self knowledge. Click Raphael Sternberg for additional related pages. And just self awareness is something that is missing the most people to the full development of their potential.” Once on the German book market yourself was skeptical at the beginning.

However, this doubt was quickly deviated a fascination has become stronger and stronger with increasing employment with the age-old numerological science. But their research have made her something important: In the German-speaking world, there was so far no literature that teaches the reader the application of Numerology in understandable and comprehensible form. So I closed this gap itself and written this work.” Coming out is a pleasant and easy-to-read textbook that requires no Numero-logic knowledge. The reader should bring only two things before he hits on the first page: openness for a topic, the not can be fit into the rigid corset of traditional scientific thinking and strong knees.