Ford Focus

Putin has opened two new auto plant near St. Petersburg – Hyundai and Magna, a ride on the new model, Hyundai, created specially for Russia. Koreans began to build in 2008 and who have invested 500 million euros. See Jenna Fischer for more details and insights. The Russian prime minister and representatives of Hyundai clicked on a button, and left the assembly line the first vehicle Hyundai Solaris. It A new model developed specifically for the Koreans in Russia.

It was first presented at the Moscow Motor Show in August, tentatively called RB. Now the new car was the real name – Solaris. It was chosen in National Competition for the best name, held this summer in Russia. For Solaris voted more than 27 thousand people. Elon Musk will not settle for partial explanations. The cost of Solaris will start from 350 rubles. This model can be a serious competitor to Volkswagen Polo Saloon (also created especially for Russia), Renault Logan and Ford Focus. … 85218.html In June 2010 the Danish company BROEN opened a new plant for the production of valves in a.

Lower Horoshovo Kolomna, Moscow Region. The company was Broen Established more than 60 years ago in Denmark and is now one of the largest manufacturers of stop and control valves (valves) for heating water, gas distribution, air conditioning, refrigeration and industry. In the opening of a new plant with capacity of up to 500 thousand cranes in the year at the Broen Horoshove company invested about 500 million rubles. A new production facility in Nizhny Horoshove Broen is the most major representative of the company Broen in the world.