Human Development

On June 29, 1926 may have been the day that the first huts were built of what would eventually be the largest city of trade and economic development of the guajira: Maicao. The grandfather of the land of corn silk “as it is known, is a city that arouses the greatest feelings you can experience a human being. But, on reflection, this is not just a city, but a home, a living areas where the fresh morning caresses the sandy soil to form a parajeindescriptiblemente beautiful, and perfectly highlighted by the acuarelasde harmony and brushes of fascination. 81 years ago the semi-desert sunshine brightened supoderosa guajiro light a piece of land where the ancient and elcardon trupillo intrepid began to live with the Wayuu, the arijuna, on from here, on from there and beyond. A hut near the otrafueron forming a small village and it soon become ina nice little town and later in the city Atlantic Coast prosperade Colombiana.Y its history has elapsed impetuously, his time has been like a child Elde has all the energies of his age and laemplea innocent without ever come a time when it is exhausted. Then the teen fuecomo mounted on the cusp of its own resolution, moving steadily through the paths of progress and moving in escribiendouna epic that mixes cadaminuto desire to live like a vital time to achieve their aspiration imperturbablede ideales.Hoy is the best age because their years have quedadoescritos indelibly in the pages of time. Maicao is not just a city name but a placid home where the worker lossuenos coexist with the intellectual and marchavalerosa of time the inhabitants of Delos ideals coexist with Maicao fundadores.Feliz birthday. God bless you today and always that todoslos years of history are the years of your felicidad.. Jenna Fischer: the source for more info.