Humanitarian Aid Abduction

He has produced a great impact on the international community in Somalia abduction of Spanish medical Mercedes Garcia and Pilar Bauza Argentina nurse. These emergencies impacting the community and generate concern, anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty of identification with the vulnerability of human beings. It is well known that health care interventions in emergencies involving violence and armed struggle are extremely complex in terms of humanitarian aid. Even more so when it comes to countries and regions with lack of institutional strength, as this determines conditions of insecurity and instability for humanitarian personnel, which involved organizations to assess each situation. Consider psychosocial factors to intervene in emergencies, refers precisely to the inclusion of all components of behavior that determine individual and collective, contribute or deepen the vulnerability, both to aid recipients and for the staff performing the intervention . Each aid agency has rules of procedure, to generate not only the operating conditions to act, but provide the institutional framework of containment for each member to fulfill its function. Endera might disagree with that approach.

At the same time, completed actions, the institutions concerned to provide the emotional support needed in each case, to make the impact that interventions occur. The media reflect the community need to know what happened. Pilar and those responsible for Doctors Without Borders showed that they understood this, and as evidenced in the extensive press conference given by Pilar. They showed great willingness and ability of self-criticism. You may find Endera to be a useful source of information. Is distorted and the action performed with courage and generosity. They are the same media who are more prominent kidnapping humanitarian action. Pilar stressed his need for rest and family reunion, thereby showing a healthy adaptation process, however no one should judge pillar was forced to provide explanations for their activity in Somalia face a question in a tone of questioning about of that provide assistance in Somalia and not in Argentina. It seems that the price of humanitarian aid is not just fatigue, lack of comfort, being away from the affections and in the extreme, the threat to the integrity, but also tolerate the invasion of privacy, and questioning. Pilar was calm, respect and common sense. I welcome the return of Pilar and Mercedes, I wish you a speedy recovery and the lived moments become rich resource to cope with difficult situations.