Improving A Financial Situation

People stop to think, when no longer count money. In this article I would like to consider another rule, which should appear in the Your life if you want to become richer. This rule – ‘first pay yourself! “. The basic idea – to pay yourself first, and then everyone else. More info: Howard Schultz. What does this mean? This means that you must continually part of the money to leave themselves. For example, consider two cases.

In the first – a person earns $ 3000. It would seem a good salary. But he spends all this money to pay the loan, lease, services, etc. The second one – a person earns $ 1000. $ 300, he delays, and at $ 700 lives.

In which case the financial situation better? In the second course! These $ 300 – this is the board itself. In the first case, all the money they go to other people. And if you really appreciate what they leave, then we can will see that most likely most of them spent on things that really are and not really needed. Not advised to take their finances in such a way as a typical example of poor philosophy. And believe me, living so You have this poor man must become. 🙂 The main thing to understand one thing – no matter how much you earn, it is important how much you pay yourself. What will change if you begin to pay yourself? You learn how to correctly set prioritety.Potomu that part of the money you leave yourself and the rest will need to properly distribute, evaluating what’s important to you at this time. In your life will become less spontaneous and ill-considered purchases, because before any waste of money You’ll ask yourself: ‘Is this thing needs (service, etc.) or better to pay yourself?’. You will become more financially independent and resistant to various financial problems. You understand that your interests and your financial condition is more important than buying another unnecessary things. How much to pay yourself each decides for himself. Choose your own salary. 🙂 The main thing to develop a habit. And then it will all be there as something of itself course. For starters, you can open a deposit account in a bank with the possibility of depositing and withdrawing without loss of interest and your primary card set up an automatic transfer of certain amount each month. Pay yourself with time will become an enjoyable process. And the accumulation of your capital you are looking for new ways to increase it. Add a new rule your life and it will change your life for the better. Get that deserve.