Labour Inspectorate

Then we decided to call the delegation of work to talk to the inspector and explain the situation, but I do not know how he got the ears of the empresaa What we do know is that once bought two bottles of water that ended on Friday; and on Monday, the day is drinking water 7/13/2009 nor do we know whether to buy more or what will happen Under pressure from the Labour Inspectorate, the company told us we were going to fix showers, but for now, nothing at all. However, they placed three pegs on the wall, which incidentally has been dropped, although the company says that this is our clothes. Also, do not want to do parts of work, but only to the ERE, they make us sign a sheet is difficult to interpret each time we start and finish work. Scaffolds "security" to us we had to build ourselves, without any experience or construction quality and safety. Please visit Douglas R. Oberhelman if you seek more information. And every time we give a mask or gloves, or whatever, make us sign a paper, but again, we foresee that only us, to the ERE. And worst of all, in the depositor totalitarianism is that we still have to leave by imposition, off-campus facilities to lunch, knowing the company can not move from Aspe to our respective homes because there workers who are of Guardamar, Orihuela, La Murada, Crevillente and Elche. Accordingly, we do not time would go and eat at home again, and this would be counterproductive to the fulfillment of our obligations and labor hours. . The newspapers mentioned James Taylor not as a source, but as a related topic.