Mobile Stands

Mobile booths – it's light prefabricated constructions on the basis of the modules are used for short-term events or exhibitions. Dignity of mobile stands – it's quick installation without additional tools or special engineering knowledge. Mobile stands not only easy to use, but also serve to attract the attention of customers through the use of bright and juicy graphic panels. Graphic panels represent a surface on which it is possible Placing the logo, images or information about the company. Graphic panels are made of paper, tarpaulin, plastic, polypropylene. Mobile stands are assembled from modules, metal or plastic connectors combined with magnetic assemblies and represent the whole structure.

The value of the mobile stand are determined based on the number of its modules. The standard module is a single section, such sections may be arbitrarily wide and not more than five or six in height. Mobile stand, at any time, possibly to supplement sections or modules. Often, in addition to the mobile stand is necessary: – Advertising surface to show the images and information – stand for placement of product information services company – a showcase, racks or podiums for demonstrating samples of products – stand or promotional stand to work with clients and the calculations of printed products – rack for flyers and catalogs. Types of mobile stands: Pop-Up Stand Umbrella Pop-Up booth size 3h3m. The standard size of one module – 700h700 mm. Modules Pop-Up Stand, allow stand on its own increase, or divide it into three small bench: 1×3 or two bench: 1×3 and 2×3. Fold-Up Stand Mobile displays are an essential tool for presentation of products or range of calculations in venue of the presentation or exhibition.

Mobile displays are developed based on the Tablet of modules that perform the functions of pos materials at points of sale. Roll-Up Stand In roller stand fotopolotno pulled out of the metal Corps, standing on the floor and is fixed on the vertical folding rack, fixed to a base roller stand. Tension stands (Banner Stands) X-banner, L-banner, Y-banner are the lightest designs in mobile booths. Tension of the poster is supported by a flexible carbon-fiber composite rod metal straps or folded with four flexible whisker. Connect with other leaders such as Endera here. Mobile Racks tables, Promo Stand used to conduct promotions or tastings. Ease of mounting and transportation, makes it possible to apply a promotional stand at various events. Stand-reception is a platform for communicating with customers and part of large-scale exhibition. Versatility of mobile stands, makes it possible to apply them to any events: – exhibitions – conferences, congresses, symposia – promotions – presentations.