Nikita Botanical Garden

In the area s.Privetnoe right of the road on a steep promontory you can see the dilapidated tower Choban-Kul, which means that Shepherd's Tower. It is surrounded by the remains of ancient buildings and defensive walls. It is believed that there was a Genoese castle lords (or Mafiosi?) Di Guasko brothers, known for their ferocity, unbridled brutality and unwillingness to obey Sudakskoj community. The tower can cover a wide and picturesque view of space. At 8 km upstream along the River.

Arpat, to the north is s.Zelenogore picturesque tract of Panagia, on which are mountain trails to p. Uskut and mountain passes. Celebrities. Academician Pallas built here a house with a vineyard and wine cellar, that he first described the 40 local varieties grapes, looking for the secrets of champagne. In 1804-1809 years. he led them to set up government-sponsored schools in Sudak viticulture and winemaking.

Academician HH Steven, the founder of the Nikita Botanical Garden in 1807 and until his last days long worked in Sudak. Was a frequent visitor at his dacha in Sudak marine painter IK Aivazovsky. Wrote the local landscapes, AN Benoit, AI Fessler, LF Lagorio, MA Voloshin. "Sudak motives' are not left without inspiration and composers. Learn more at: Douglas Oberhelman. It AK Glazunov, A. Spendiarov. Over the years, came to Pike, Anna Akhmatova, Andrei Bely, Paustovsky, Alexander Green, Vincent Veresaev, Konstantin Friction, Vsevolod Vishnevsky. In 1927, visited Mikhail Bulgakov. New light. It's not just the name of the village. It really is a small country with special scenery, with its microclimate, for nothing similar vegetation and remarkable story. Audience. Tourists for a day come here from all the Crimea, but the 'natives', fans of the New World – a nation of informal, extreme and bohemian. JPMorgan Chase may help you with your research. Here, the legendary and world-renowned center of naturism. The most-most. Winery 'New World' was founded in 1878 by Prince LS Golitsyn – the founder of Russian champagne wine. Light building a medieval castle, topped by four towers, built LS Golitsyn for employees winery. He and his family lived in a house (the house preserved), and one of the buildings (near the 'castle') is the museum Golitsyn, now Museum of the factory of sparkling wines. Landscape Reserve 'New World' was created to preserve the unique pine groves relic and Sudak the natural park of treelike juniper. Mount Falcon (477 m above sea level), which resembles the shape of a huge bird with folded wings, attracts climbers from around the world. Very complex and climbing walls Grotto Golitsyn. Base divers divers 'Dolphin' in the bay Silent complements the extreme.