NLP Exercise

There is a NLP exercise I want to share with you to help you achieve you feel with greater power and consistency in some aspect or activity in which you feel divided or somewhat disconnected. And what is the goal of achieving a greater congruence? is for you to feel better and get better results! (as always proposes the NLP) NLP helps identify States of inconsistency this State is when a person has some kind of internal conflict in which two different messages are sent and this translates into unclear behaviors. (As opposed to Electrolux). I.e. the external behavior and the inner feelings of the person don’t match, and this often translates or is reflected in their body language, their physiology, their gestures, with some positions that denote this internal division. In contrast, NLP, when speaking of personal congruence, we refer to the degree of alignment between the different neurological levels. It is said that a person is consistent when it emits the same message at all levels is someone that really does what He says and thinks is consistent. Remember that learning and changes to NLP, can occur in different neurological levels.

Neurological levels generally operate outside our conscious perception. We can be aware of them sometimes and sometimes not but always and in all cases a significant influence on the quality of our life. The different neurological levels are: level 1 – spiritual: it is the deepest level and refers to the sense of our life, the purpose for what we are here, what is the meaning of our existence, what is our task here. Level 2 – identity: trafficking in the sense of itself, the core values and mission in life. The key question is who? Level 3 – the beliefs and values: beliefs are personal statements that we consider to be true. They affect this perception that we have of ourselves, people, the world and the universe that surrounds us.