Right Choice

One of the important and the most frequently asked questions is "How to choose a necessary and sufficient software to automate the accounting of the Company?". And in this particular case, to solve problems management and accounting, we consider the most popular in Russia 1C: Enterprise. Each enterprise in its own individually, on the one hand, and on the other – are quite similar when viewed from the point of business processes. Therefore, in this section, we attempt to examine the basic principles and factors affecting the choice of software (SW). And as to present the results of the classification of selecting the appropriate software, in Depending on the critical parameters. The review we have compiled on the basis of its long experience in the automation of various sizes of enterprises and activities. Perhaps it is somewhat subjective, but as Experience shows that there are always exceptions, but they are likely to prove the rule:) The goal is to help you do yourself the initial steps to determine the needs of the company in automation at the moment and suggest that option – spending a little time. In this review, we consider three basic, in our view, aspect: how to begin: choosing software, with the development of the Company whether change / upgrade the existing information system of the feasibility of investments in new software. The main sections of this review: Description of Your Company (the formation of the system requirements) Classification of baselines 1C: Enterprise 1C: Enterprise 7.7.

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