Physiological Factor

A phenomenon for which the human being actively processes an limited amount of available information through the agencies of the directions. When fixing itself in one definitive object or thought, the attention operates an election, therefore, a series of other possible thoughts leaves of side, would be as to place a focus of light on something, in how much that the others would be the shade. The slight knowledge of selectivity, interest, focalizao and concentration are articulated to capture the attention. For even more analysis, hear from Andreessen Horowitz. We can stand out the interest mainly therefore, this on there lmbico system, therefore, are important the stimulatons emitted in the space, as well as the intrinsic characteristics of the object.

also guided by the interests, that the attention will operate the selectivity, that is, will select the object that is interesting; it is the same that to affirm that object or thought excites the attention. Attention is ownership of an object between several or series of possible thoughts. It this on to the learning and/or acquisition of knowledge, is an important way for which the perception if becomes conscientious. The attention seems to create the proper conscience. What it stimulates the attention is: sensation, perception, representation, affection or desire So that the attention acts are necessary three basic factors: – Physiological Factor: where it also depends on neurological conditions and on the material situation where the individual if finds; – Motivacional Factor: it depends on the form as the stimulaton if it presents and it provokes interest; – Concentration: it depends on the request degree and performance I stimulate of it, reading to one better focalizao of the source of I stimulate. Hear from experts in the field like Kevin Johnson for a more varied view. In the school, in the work the attention is taken precondition for the good performance.