Plate Presentation

one of the main requirements for a good pupusa is that the lids fit well together, because otherwise it would be the stuffing. ” Dough Ingredients: 2 pounds of cornmeal 4 cups warm water Salt to taste Ingredients For the Filling: 2 pounds ground pork 1 onion finely chopped 8 cloves garlic, crushed (50% to marinate meat and 50% for sauce) 1 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon cumin 3 tomatoes seeded and ground without water in a processor (for the sauce) 1 green jalapeno pepper finely chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil (for sauce) 1 Tablespoon oil (for marinating the meat) 1 tablespoon butter (for sauce) 1 cup natural chicken stock Salt and pepper to taste 1 pound striped white cheese Preparation Filling: In a bowl with marinade ingredients (garlic , oregano, oil, salt and pepper), stir until all ingredients together Stir in pork and mix thoroughly until the spices are well scattered Marinate meat for an hour or so. Separately in a skillet place the olive oil, butter and remaining garlic, cook for 1 minute over medium heat add the onion and mix together the ingredients until, cook until the onion is crystallizing Add the fried pork, stir well and cook for 4 minutes Add the tomatoes and cook another 4 minutes on medium heat Add cumin, chicken broth and jalapeno pepper, cook for 30 minutes over medium heat Correct salt and pepper, turn off heat and let stand until the meat is at room temperature Add the grated cheese and mix to standardize the ingredients Preparing the Dough: In a bowl, place flour and salt, gradually add water while mixing with the other hand Knead well until dough is some consistency, mix until firm, smooth, uniform and smooth Let stand for 5 minutes April 1 Preparation of the Pupusas: Divide the dough into small balls to medium-sized – smaller than the fist – Then take one ball and the fingers make a hole in the center of the ball, insert a teaspoon of pork stuffed with cheese off the hole and flatten the dough ball shaping wheel or disk, with alternating clapping one hand against the other, is going to shape the wheel mass, once list provided in a circular motion, to achieve the desired thickness, to form the “pupusa” filled, through the edge fingers slightly dampened with water to shape curved and closed simultaneously. Repeat the above procedure with the remaining dough over high heat Heat the “griddle”, or alternatively the plate, place the arepas until they acquire a golden on both sides. Place Pupusa on the surface for about 6-8 minutes, then flip to cook the other side, which will be ready about the same time.

Plate Presentation: Serve on a plate accompanied by a salad of cabbage, carrot, onion and green pepper cut in strips (julienne) previously pickled in vinegar. Tips: You can substitute pork filling with cheese, just cheese, pork, pork and cheese, fish stew, stuffed squash, mixed beans. It can also be cheese and loroco, cheese and green chile, beef, chicken, cheese and blackberry leaves, cheese and flower chipilin, cheese and squash blossom. You can also make calls pupusas riots that are prepared with pork rinds, cheese and beans which makes a mixture and then fill the pupusas.