Promoting Twitter

Good afternoon, after some thought I decided to write a series of posts about Twitter, since it is at this stage for me is very interesting and in Russia it is on the rise. Click Howard Schultz to learn more. Every day the number of Russian tviteryan growing and this can not be left without attention. With Twitter, I already know you are in the article 'Twitter for bloggers' and what it can also be used, can be understood from this article. So, you created an account on Twitter, writing regularly. However, subscribers do not have? You just need initial impulse and then, the number of your followers will begin to grow with a geometrical progression, of course, provided interesting posts. And this impulse, of course, can serve as a tweet Booster, unique and not repeatable in a rode.Tvit Booster is a service that allows you to quickly and easily increase the number of your subscribers to Twitter. This service is based on a system of credits kreditov.Sistema was created to stimulate project participants to add new friends in exchange for something vzamen.U each user's service has its own budget and the cost of clicks, you can check on the Profile page. The larger budget and higher cost of clicks, the more users you add to druzya.Stoimost clique determines the number of credits, which is deducted from the member's account when it was added as a friend. In this case the same amount of credit goes to the expense of the participant, who added druga.Dobavlyaya friends You increase your budget that is spent as you add your friends in other members of the service. As the saying goes, all ingenious is simple, I got myself in a tweet Booster for more than 300 readers, a couple of weeks, mud, results are not so bad, it's not massfoloving. At this permit bow out in the next article I write about the monetization of Twitter, I think it would be a logical extension after leading: D