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If you take your time and trim slowly with tiny strokes, you should be fine.) 7 – If your timing is perfect, he finished cutting the cuticles on that hand before the first hand is wrinkled to be in hot water too. (Tip: Do not speed the process of cutting the cuticle to make your work time. Instead try to remember to check on the soaking hand half way in the course of cutting cuticles. If the water is cold or hand shows signs of wrinkling of the skin, which is your signal to stop operation of soaking and hand dry with a hand towel, apply some lotion and go back to trimming procedure.) 8 – When finished cutting the cuticles on both hands, you should ensure that all loose skin is removed from the area of the nail. Begin to polish nails with clear base coat by applying a thin layer of the best and most carefully. Try to keep the nail polish only. If you accidentally apply too much or get the highest quality in the skin around the nails, use a cotton swab dipped lightly in nail polish remover to correct their error.

9 – After applying the base coat to both hands, nail color to choose and repeat above procedure from the same hand that began with last time. Follow the guidelines described above to produce better results. 10 – The next application will be a top coat to create a seal or protection for colored polish. Repeat the steps above to ensure success in this process. Remember that less is better when it comes to nail polish. Thick layers lead to messy results. 11 – You have two options for completing this process and make your last manicure. (1) You can dry nails with a hair dryer or similar device set out in slow motion at a moderate temperature.

You should keep your hands placed on a heat source for at least three minutes and then sit still, touch nothing and wait a minute or two to avoid smudges or smears that will ruin your efforts. (2) You can skip the process of hair and sit still, touch nothing and wait at least five minutes to create long-term results that will make your fingernails look at their better. Resource Box – e Danielle Hollister (2004) is the editor of citations BellOnline Zine – A free newsletter for lovers of budget more than 10,000 quotations in dozens of categories like – love, friendship, children, inspiration, success , wisdom, family, life, and many more.