Rio Grande

In this occasion, for already being structuralized and in full activity, Fundao City of the Rio Grande would assume the responsibility of the estruturao, administration and maintenance of the related 2 Museum. In homage to 247 anniversary of foundation of the Great doRio city, to the 19 of February of 1984, in the Square Xavier Blacksmith, together doMonumento to Brigadier General Jose Da Silva Breads, the installation act had place doMuseu of the City of the Rio Grande, constituted of the Foundation of the City of the RioGrande, which if would charge of its administration, way that, with acooperao of the Municipal City hall, the Foundation to provide to the functioning patrimonial eorganizao and financier with the Museum. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. In the occasion, the creation of ummuseu with the purpose to preserve the historical memory of the city and of its desenvolvimentoeconmico in the diverse aspects of its evolution, since the primrdios dafundao of the city until the times gifts, she was faced as one antigaaspirao of the community river-grandina 3. For the execution of the objective of formation of the Museum, the Fundaopassava to constitute an Advice who would have to organize and to manage entidadee well thus the mounts of money received from public agencies, private and particular, ouda prescription of the proper Museum. It was also consisting in the structure of the Museurepresentantes of the community river-grandina as the Municipal City hall of the RioGrande, the Police station of the Federal Prescription, the Diocesana Miter, the FundaoUniversidade of the Rio Grande, the Center of Industries of the Rio Grande, the doComrcio Chamber and 4 the River Library. From its creation, the MuseuHistrico of the City of the Rio Grande would go to improve its increasingly atuaojunto to the population river-grandina..