Savings Income Tax Return

Save taxes with the right tips. Who does like to the income tax return? You will see, if you heed these tips, the processing of income tax return will be fun but so you get the maximum from tax office. First everyone should be sure he ever should. Every citizen has a basic allowance of 7,680 euros per year (the double amount if married). This will not exceed the tax liability is eliminated. To get, but about the exemption, the following tips should be followed.

Who is a worker, can claim as expenses in the income tax return all issues which are related to the employment relationship. Such as work equipment, work clothes, travel costs, cleaning of working clothes or literature are meant. The tax office granted each employee an advertising cost lump sum of 920, these are automatically applied. Therefore care should be taken, that the actual costs, no less than the Are lump sum. The distance allowance in height of 0.3 euro per distance kilometer please don’t forget. The Federal Constitutional Court has decided that a reduction is unconstitutional. Who got in 2007 and 2008 no money when the income tax return, please be sure the IRS opposition submit, because then the distance allowance will be reimbursed retroactively.

The advertising costs are always an interesting topic, unfortunately many do not know to exploit them. An exceptional burden exists if one more is burdened with costs, as the majority of the remaining taxpayers. There is a care standard amount of 924 euros. Also, there are the disabled standard amount is depending on the degree of disability between 310 and 3,700 euros. A lump sum of 624 euros get recognized for a household help people who are over 60 years old. A disabled person in the household, lives the amount increases up to euro 924. Special editions, another important point in the 2009 income tax return. Special editions are spending, the more fall in the private sector. Even when the special editions, there is a lump sum, this 72 euro for married couples and unmarried 36 euro. Educate yourself with thoughts from Howard Schultz. Because the amounts are rather low, the amount is quickly reached. The special editions include: private pension, age pension expenditure, training costs, maintenance costs, and donations. Invoices, vouchers and receipts should be attached to getting the income tax return in copy to get credit spending.