Simon Rodriguez

The education system requires the academic legitimacy of an authority recognized by all. And that authority does not have if his prestige as an institution is deficient or does not extend to all layers of society. Check out Doug Oberhelman for additional information. Conceptually, it should be, as recommended by Simon Rodriguez: a will that is the sum of the capacities of all and not the will of one converted into authority. To broaden your perception, visit Wayne Holman. The reform of our educational system should be based on a definite democratic orientation, since it operates under the jurisdiction of a democratic and social state of law and justice and, of course, it takes it from descoyuntaria if a suspect floor socialist without ligament our historical and social tradition. Reforming our education system should start from the idea of the man who wants to be (an anthropological approach) suitable for life and the exercise of democracy, they are professionals and technicians with a clear national consciousness today, with critical thinking and imbued with the obligation to play an active role in the urgent challenge of promoting and contributing to the development process planned and coherent country. Francisco habits, we will gain in breadth what it loses in depth.

Increase not the subject but the teacher guide and, above all, replace the teacher, able to enthuse his example and his mystical teaching. We must also promote the stimulus that deserves the student, whose intellectual disagreement acts as the best incentive for the teacher is exceeded, knowledge and diversification projects within the panorama of contemporary knowledge. Specifically, as noted, Javier Antonio Vivas, education reform is urgent. Refusing to these changes would not only anti-education, but would continue traveling along the same path of educational and civic decay. In recent years we have built a consumerist and individualist society in defiance of the essential things that should identify us as human beings, and the principles of love, solidarity, tolerance and mutual respect, knowledge and comprehensive long remained in the a programasa conducted more than 20 years.

The debate is just beginning. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. (ITESM) Postgraduate Masters in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor of Graduate Graduate Area Faces UC.