Stay Healthy Diet

We are reminded of health, when we start to lose it. That's when we give ourselves the word to begin a new life on Monday, for example, go on a diet to lose weight, join a gym, start jogging in the morning … The list can be continue. For a while, we even carry out the planned program, but sooner or later come back to their old habits: eat as horrible and anything, forget about exercise and fitness room. Meanwhile, as the experience, time-health-restoring measures that we use, and can also give temporary results. But if we want to maintain health and prevent most diseases, it is necessary habit to a healthy lifestyle, and First of all, a healthy diet. What are the specific rules of supply should be followed? Firstly, all the nutritionists in a Golas argue that power should be balanced, and should be resorted to dieting as a enforced as, for example, during the illness.

The fact that the food we need to get all necessary for normal functioning of body components, and is about 200. And more than half of them are essential (Minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc.). If we do not get outside, work out with us they can not be that dangerous for the organism. Long-term violation of these laws leads to disease. Very long – to the death. That's why we can not to sit only on fruits and vegetables, although they are very necessary to us as a source of vitamins and other nutrients. But fats with proteins we need, so your diet should include lean meats and sea average fat content of fish. Food should be varied. (Source: Sensex).

The main thing – to observe moderation, then do not have to struggle with excess weight. And health problems will not arise, because, as Paracelsus said: "there is a cure all, and everything is poison, and only separates the dose from one another. " It is also important to properly distribute the food throughout the day: the most calorie food should be eaten in the morning (no later than the afternoon). By the way, adhering to the rule – a more effective means to lose weight than various diets. Regarding the frequency of power supply, it must be a fraction, 4-5 times a day. Intervals between meals: about 3 hours. But overeating should be avoided, as it stretches the stomach and leads to its mechanical damage. Better, as the Japanese say, to leave the table with a feeling of light starvation. It is very important during the meal without being distracted. Do not force the brain to choose priorities: food or, say, reading. Food, to make it more digestible, to slowly and chew. In conclusion, to drink during the day must be at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid. It can be tea, milk, juice. But the Clean Water Act should not be forgotten. But fizzy drinks should be kept to a minimum, so they stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Many of the frequent use of carbonated beverages may have unpleasant and even painful. Do not get involved in mineral water – it can lead to imbalance of minerals in the body.