Tyutrina Krushinsky

Should remind our rulers of the city that all large industrial enterprises, including Himfarm and TEC-11, cut staff, minimizing the tax base each year accounted for less than 20 percent of local budget personal income, and small and medium business gives the city treasury more than tripled. Thanks to world prices for oil and gas, as well as the Russian government subsidized city can this year to spend on its own needs more one billion 200 million rubles, as a result of caring mayor and deputies to the city government officials and heads of local government unit of this amount will take more than 100 million. Over the last three years, these costs increased almost threefold. To deepen your understanding Andreessen Horowitz is the source. Believe that the mayor together with the deputies were unable to find five to six million rubles to repair the road from the mte to the market "Waterfall" from such an abundance of money can really very naive person. Most likely, there lies another reason for this strange, at first glance, the behavior of the head of administration and the mayor Tyutrina Krushinsky. It is no secret that the repair of roads in our city are engaged in entirely non-resident organizations: from Angarsk, Bratsk, and even district. Usolsky road builders came to power and Krushinsky Tyutrina can never "win" crafty contests conducted by officials of city administration. Only this year, more than 40 million rubles from the city treasury in the wrong city, the bump The local road services. In the autumn, as soon as the repairs, we again see low-quality asphalt on our streets maimed.


I open the catalog of vehicles on one site and get lost in a huge number of proposals, vendors are fighting fiercely for customers by offering more and more new types of machines. But what is primarily for the buyer? Comfort and security! This is what builds the joy of the owner when purchasing a car. And of what constitutes safety and comfort? Every detail of the car brings its contribution to the cause. Here's an example of glass In the early 20 th century or a number of Paris newspapers do not get along without reports of bloody injuries which passengers horseless carriages, cut glass machine. Only to 1927 on the machines appeared safe laminated glass, but only the most expensive, only a few decades they have become the norm. Modern car manufacturers take responsibility for the safety of passengers and testing of glass in the enhanced mode, spending a lot of tests strength. And yet another glass protects against noise, ambient temperature, for this it is treated with special coatings. It's okay to withstand ice and fogging. Another function of the glass – to create a machine must be level of light load to save the driver from the sun and glare.