Inner Motivation

"What is intrinsic motivation and why we need it?" I would like to begin to explain what is intrinsic motivation, and then go to question its necessity or uselessness. Intrinsic motivation, if you look for words, is our inner motive, so that we do many deeds in our lives. A leading source for info: Douglas Oberhelman. It should be an example to better understand what is meant. Here you have a goal – to go to Garvordvyyti marry a foreigner go to India for permanent residence, etc., is one of your goals to which you aspire, and your inner motivation, is what feeds you and gives you the strength to go on to the target. Such motivation is usually occurs in people under the influence of some events in his life or influenced by any individual. Personally I have always loved to photograph various castles, houses, beautiful and unusual scenery, but knew that something was missing me, can lessons photography may newfangled camera, wanted more, but as for this to come – was unknown at the moment. But only so long until I met a wonderfully creative person, who have never studied photography, as well achieved excellent results on their own.

His photographs have won in competitions, auctions, printed on postcards and it was under his influence, I wanted to develop my little hobby. I bought a good camera, began to read different books, articles, participate in competitions on the weekends to wander around Moscow and look for interesting stories, enjoy the views, the nature of the metropolis. Whenever I was in the hands of the camera, I wanted to create masterpiece, but this, that my so-called teacher could be proud of me. That was my motivation – getting better, to enjoy herself and to please others with their creativity. But there are those moments in life when we is this inner impulse, we do not want anything and we do not want to anything.

This period can be called a loss of strength, laziness – as you like, but the essence is – there is no incentive to live, create, work, surprise, delight and possibly even love, love yourself, the world of another person … This was the case with each of us out of this emptiness, we can get ourselves only, we will take a little time out and then one day something will suddenly appear, and our interest desire, the so-called light, which will push us forward – it is our own motivation, which helps us to taste each day to live, grow and move on towards your dream, the cherished goal. Each She revived due to various things, events, occurrences: this is an interesting book, and a pleasant acquaintance, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and walk along the beach. .. Intrinsic motivation is very important for those who want not just to live, but to achieve something in this life, and how would you call this feeling burning inside lights, it should be a kind of spark in each of us, from which the flame gradually.

The First

It is an immense field for personal growth. There is a fee that is more expensive than any money: recognition and love of family, child health, the success of her husband (yes, yes, what is man at work, what his income depends directly on the rear, ie from the women) … Preparing for the second birth, I shoveled so much information, so many learned, if a second degree received. Bank of America Merrill Lynch oftentimes addresses this issue. And as a result of birth of his daughter – is the subject of my feminine pride! Not even so, this is a subject of pride of our family! Respect for children, and to close people in general … Exclude from the lexicon the word 'my' – my husband, my son, my daughter … Behind this innocuous pronoun is a desire to own, a sense of ownership. I notice how the liberty to decide for her husband, as we hold off, make many decisions for her son (he dress 'better', that is, what to watch cartoons, etc.), let alone the daughter I did not say anything. Luiz Lopes Brookfield: the source for more info.

While this fine crumb indicates to me where the boundaries of what is permitted. With 'their' family ceremony is not accepted. Son smeared with yogurt – slap, husband forgot to take out the trash – blame stronger and can carry a small dochu pee, she wants to or not. With strangers, we become much more polite and understanding, than with his family. But they are not mine, neither the children nor her husband! And it comes to I slowly (but surely) It is hard to love I was very surprised when, after the first birth did not experience any feelings, though atrophied heart.

The Subconscious

This synthesis produces a result which can not be achieved the use of any of the existing techniques! Using psychological tools to diagnose existing problems and their interpretation, which makes it possible not to work blindly, and makes transparent and understandable the whole process of change. Impact on the physical body and its energy through the acupuncture points at the same time pronouncing certain affermatsy allows our bodies to neutralize the negative perception of the problem and the reason for this perception. As a result, one gets the opportunity to change the very reason. Impact on the subconscious mind can neutralize the disturbing attitudes and beliefs on the subconscious and to neurological level instruction used to implement the new, desired image and beliefs. The result – all the components of man (physical body, mind, subconscious mind) to get rid of pre-existing barriers and get a new program how they exist. The practice of this – an amazing technique! It opens up doors of opportunity that people have never seen and did not realize! In my practice – a lot of different stories. I particularly enjoy here is what it is. Women's tears …

One young woman – was a wonderful family. And it felt absolutely calm, in complete safety. One day, she learned that her husband has any relationship with another woman, her life soon capsized … Panic overwhelmed her with a fury, leaving her actions instead of harmony and solving problems, led to further inflame the situation and the destruction of relationships.

Idris Laor Family Force Fields

Idris Laor. Family force fields of any system, namely, our family, our work environment, our social environment, structure, to which we belong – all force fields. Macs, in which we live and develop. As for the family since birth, each holds a place. And we get from our parents and our grandparents, not only genetic inheritance, but also their religious beliefs, their way thinking and behavior. All these lines and patterns in some way affect our way of life, thinking and feeling. Sergey Brin is often quoted on this topic.

They are either a hindrance or help to free our feelings, our actions, we will of to be happy or unhappy, to succeed or to fail in our endeavors. They have a direct impact on our mood and health. They are also the causes of our illnesses and diseases, causes our positive relationship or conflict. With eyfonicheskih ideas we begin to understand these patterns at the deepest level. And we can learn how to get rid of those circuits that prevent us from living. Identification – is virtually always a partial identification with the fate, life or the behavior of one or more ancestors.

We reproduce the same mannerisms, the same habits, attitudes, or the same life situation, that our ancestors survived. Thus, the family system keeps in memory all that has taken place. This is tantamount to child complies with the conditions, agreements, he bequeathed to an ancestor of what we call loyalty. Significant events or family system is determined by a force field over the last family, parents, relatives, distant ancestors, and their scheme of thought, their religious beliefs, their nationality, their ethnographic roots.

The Constitution

The question arises, What is wrong in our dreams of an ideal? I think that just those women who are not exchanged for little things, not afraid to miss a chance to "go get married," but it was hard looking for her only as time and achieve success. Neither one of us would not want to pick up what was lying unattended at the curb of life. So the problem of failed marriages is not in our dreams of a prince. The main mistake in the transmission from generation to generation women fear being alone, without her husband. That summer the girls 18-23 want to jump out to marry as soon as possible, so just do not listen to sympathetic questions of curious gossips, "Why are you still single? It's time too, the years go by … "Nonsense! Why jump in 20 years of marriage, cluttered life, diapers, pots and swim ahead of time with fat, jealous of their unmarried friends, free, successful and happy? They are building their careers, caring for each other, meet with men recruited experience and are looking for her prince … And after all are! Find the one of whom dreamed of since childhood-gentle, caring, strong man, capable of protecting anyone. So do not believe deliberate empathy jumped married friends, it you envies.

Jealous of your freedom, your attractiveness, your choice, which she had not and would not likely. I will tell you a secret-you, unmarried free women, mistresses of their own destiny, much more likely to create a happy family than the girls jumped married at 18-20 years for the same fragile youngsters. Because you gain wisdom, which is so necessary, experience with men, blooms and disclosed as complete woman. And in the end become one wife whose husband is on his hands. After all, the family is not just sex. This is life, this woman's ability to create comfort, maintain the household and reasonably .. ability to skillfully manage their Prince. Yes, it is so gently and carefully to give advice, suggest how best to proceed, but just worry about him losing football team and move it without hysterical male gatherings with friends.

How can all this 18-year-old girl? And would be glad to, but no experience. You can learn to cook, wash, clean, swaddled baby, but if there is no knowledge, no experience with men, then by the time my husband will look at such a wife as a servant, not a favorite woman. This is the problem of those who for the sake of the status of married women declined from its own development. Some believe that freedom-only portion of men. But show me where it is written? The Constitution? No! It is recorded only in the minds of women, afraid to be left with nothing and trying to get married as soon as possible. Why we women who have achieved the right to hold leadership positions in business, to stand at the pinnacle of power in politics, why do we deny ourselves in personal freedom and the right to love? Do not give up their ideals and dreams of a prince and meet with men, choosing who is right for you. Do not miss the opportunity to find IT-only, which will make you happy! And hearing men saying "Marry – how to die – never too late to" always remember the woman's responsibility "to marry not to attack, if only to married not divide"