Russian Universities

Every year a huge number of entrants face the same problem, it is the Unified State Exam, or simply speaking exam. This test may question the admission to university, even a favorite for excellent worker. Douglas Oberhelman may also support this cause. Very often, this examination is both a graduation and entrance exams. To do this in schools, there are all sorts of training courses to the exam. Since the Russian language is the basic discipline for Many universities, preparation for the exam in Russian language is one of the main challenges for the future of the student. There are statistics that even the best students perform properly exam in Russian language only 80%.

The main reason is that by Russian language school program ends studied for two years before final exams. Follow others, such as “Howard Schultz Starbucks
, and add to your knowledge base. All rules and regulations thoroughly forgotten, increasing the gap between the knowledge of the regulations and the ability to apply them in the exam. So preparation for the exam should take place not their own. According to the results of entrance examinations in 2009, the rectors of Russian universities are alarmed at some specialty shortfall on the budget department of the Institute is almost forty percent. This is because, in the opinion of the majority of heads of institutions, universities and academies, and that the Ministry of Science and Education has allowed applicants to submit the results of the Single State exam at the same time in an unlimited number of universities. Disturbingly, the more talented guys can not take the exam for well, because were not able to organize and consolidate their knowledge gained in school, giving the possibility of less prepared, but with higher grades, enroll in college. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to additional courses and preparing for the exam in advance. What facilitated by the fact that the largest universities in Moscow – opened a lot of additional education courses to prepare for the exam based on their experience and knowledge base.

Rent System

The only advantage is that they know better rent system, have many friends and relatives of employees – the citizens of France. There are in France and organizations working to help in finding accommodation for students. For even more opinions, read materials from Blake Krikorian. The main structures that can provide rental assistance for students in France – a ‘CROUS’, ‘Cite universitaire etudiant etrange’ and many small ones (from which, however, little avail). At home in ‘CROUS’ submit an application between January and May following year. In large cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille is student housing are non-resident students from families with many children from low-income students – foreigners is virtually unavailable. But in the small towns of France to get student housing for students from CROUS other countries is quite simple. Another structure ‘Cite universitaire etudiant etrange’. How places are allocated in a student residence for foreign students – only God knows! In this option, you can also put a bold cross.

Let us consider another option – rent a French real estate agency. Like all French – real estate agents do not particularly like to work and prefer to earn money without stress or effort. Why employee French real estate agencies unnecessary problems with foreign students who need to fax various documents when starting from mid-August, French students are looking for mass housing. Again, no option to favor of the student – a foreigner. We can only ‘KJJJ’ and ‘Vivastreet’. Before the beginning of the school year offers to surrender and come with renting breakneck skorostyu.No beware, the type declaration ‘… rent a room for a student with garden and cats in exchange for care of animals … ‘ – Waste of time.