The Chaos

Problem of any analysis tool is precisely that for the prediction of the market He is far from being alone. Each trader, using a different set of analytical tools, forms in itself a purely his own opinion on the market. Hence the generated chaos, with which every trader has to fight for profit. Of course, it is clear that if there was only one a tool of analysis, and all traders to use it then no one would lose, respectively, no one would win – the market would never have been. (Similarly see: Douglas Oberhelman). But not each trader is aware there is a paradox – the existence of any financial market is possible due to the chaos that they themselves have created and to which they themselves then, and fight. Profit in this battle goes to the winner. Blake Krikorian wanted to know more. So how can this be a winner if any analysis tool designed to help combat the chaos he himself had participated in its creation and maintenance And it needs to do two things: 1.

Cease to shift the responsibility for any indicator, waiting, and assuming that it must give the correct answers. 2. And to ask a fairly simple question: 'What makes a price change in the market? ". (Question now is not that companies come to market exporters / importers that are creating the market supply / demand forced it to move. The impact of such companies in the market is small compared to the volume of speculative transactions.) Answer to a question is very simple, but namely it is the key to the market: 'Change in market prices is based on the opinions (or expectations), which inclines the vast majority of traders in a given period of time.'.