The Chinese Reality

The great successes are achieved vetanjas always becoming the disadvantages. China is a very important actor in the global economy and all business scenarios, a country that can not be ignored under the focus of Globalization where its dynamism has generated serious incidents in many countries, even in far away as the case in corresponds Venezuela. Precisely, their approach has led to the new Venezuelan Foreign Trade Policy, with its current president Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias seeking more relationships that pro-Venezuela. This approach can not be ignored by scholars of international trade, accounting for the country, hence, the chair of international trade in program Faces MBA from the University of Carabobo, under my responsibility, in to assess what it represents, its scope, impact and for this purpose, discuss the matter among its participants, professionals who hold positions in companies in the region and to contribute their views we share with the reader. Orlando Castejon The participant said that according to information obtained from the GEES (Strategic Studies Group), in his report of the website "China has become the largest recipient of foreign investment in the world because every week get over one billion dollars of direct investment and participating in 34% of global trade. " China as well as the States are the countries with greatest economic influence at the global level that makes business two tables set up for cooperation on the restoration of the global economy and although China is a socialist country the Chinese investment and capital go far for more complicated is beyond human imagination.