The End Of The GDR Border Troops

The pride of the army ended with the turn of the Ender of the inner German border and the Berlin wall, it was decided on the 9th, 1989. It was created and just as quickly tries to eliminate the signs of past breaches at a lightning speed. After the end of border controls at the 1.Juli 1990, there was also no work soldiers more for the more than 30,000 troops. Hans Modrow was the consideration and planning a small East German border guard, comparable with the BGS to establish the Federal Republic of Germany at the beginning of the year 1990. But also at the time the statement was given the troop strength at 50% lower, so that just 15,000 border guards soldiers were left.

Border guards were his time more on violators to make very glad no hunting, the GDR but in the same thought, the border guards were also concerned about your future career, because border guards without limit makes little sense. Senior DDR Grenzoffiziere formed a border protection Association, which should represent the interests of the former border guards. Thus a Works Council for GDR border guards (to the GDR times inconceivable) many of the GDR border guards were suddenly contacts to the class enemy, the Federal Border Guard perhaps there to get weiterbeschaftigung one, which were the hours of the GDR border troops counted. Some 1000 were man still deployed around the border and blocking equipment to dismantle virtually destroy their own workplace. The watchtowers and the Sperranalagen were demolished at lightning speed until 31 December 1990. On Staatsbrucke, 1990, Reiner Eppelmann signed deb command 49/90 to the break up of the GDR border troops, which should have been the last command in the era of a proud elite unit of the army. Some of the former border guards were taken over by the Federal border police, other went to the Bundeswehr.

But many of the GDR border troops who have served their State stayed on the track and disappeared like many others also in the unemployment. Where are the former border guards of the GDR remained border? I have to confess that until today, not a single gemeldtet has become honest. The people formerly on the inner German border your service have done, will have your reasons why you no longer want to be associated with then in conjunction, I personally find it very unfortunate, because every German has the right to know what is damlas really happened on the border of the GDR… Angelo D Alterio