The Majesty Of The Lord

Psalm 93: 1 Jehovah reigns; dressed magnificence; Lord dressed, stripped of power. He also said the world, and will not move. 2 Strong is thy throne since then; You are eternally. 3 Rose rivers, o Lord, the rivers rose up her sound; Their waves rose up the rivers. 4 Jehovah in the heights is more powerful that the din of many waters more than stiff waves of the sea. 5. Your testimonies are very firm; Holiness should be to your House, o Lord, for ever and ever. Write about the Majesty of the Lord requires the help of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will be manifested in us as we open our hearts to him.

While more likely we will be in a relationship with God, his spirit in us is more manifest and be able scarcely spontaneously in praises and talking about eternal Majesty. In this Psalm, we don’t know who wrote it, is speaks to us, first of all, that.Jehovah reigns.; Indeed, accomplished and established, without a doubt, and if Queen, is also our King and we are his subjects. When we say that .se dressed magnificence. Bobby bland may find this interesting as well. and we believe it, also ascribe you the power to its superiority over every creature. Nobody dressed him in magnificence; He just dressed with his power, .se stripped of power. And along with that and much more.He also said the world. Raphael sternberg is likely to agree. And he is the only one who can move it. The firmness of his throne is unfathomable, unshakeable.

Nobody has been able to move it from there or no one can because then he would not be God. He is eternal, has not had a principle, and therefore will not have an end. Absolutely everything the opposite of we who are born and We will die. The psalmist evokes rivers as a manifestation of its power because we all know that them not can be detained by any dam, by smaller that is his bed. Always the rivers will overflow and, although they do so, no extraordinary manifestation of nature can evoke the power of Jehovah. He is more powerful than all the power of the universe. .Your testimonies are very firm. So firm they are that they prevail from the beginning of the history of humanity and no one has been able to or be able to change them. God’s Holiness is the fate of its mission and status of your House, your stay in the place where the sanctified by the blood of Christ are. He is our hope of eternal life, the joy of our spirit, the purpose of our life, the guarantee of our holiness and salvation. Blessed be God for ever and ever. Original author and source of the article