The Managers

The focus of the relationship marketing is in constructing to bows between the organization and its customers to improve feedback and finally to enrich the prospects of the loyalty of the customer. Previously, the companies were worried only in each time more to vender and they did not look at for its customers, if they were satisfied or not with the products or services. Today, they are total different, them they have and they must focar its eyes for the satisfied customers similar who the same ones can each time more if feel well and. This to occur is necessary that the managers know in fact that the customers, beyond everything are person human being, with desires, differentiated wills and characteristics ones of the others, from there the so great necessity to look for to know them. All and any cost that the company has with its customers is important, therefore they are who generate development and new businesses for the same one. This research happens in a case study on the satisfaction of the customers of company GAC FRUITS.

In view of that the success of a company depends total on satisfaction of the customers, the primordial goal of this research is to verify the degree of satisfaction of the customers in the company in study, and later to trace viable ways that help in the improvement of the relationship between suppliers and customers. Taking in consideration the following hypotheses: to know the customers to define strategies; to have a good relationship with the customers to become them faithful; to possibly conquer new customers. The interest of accomplishment of this work on this subject comes from a great necessity that company GAC FRUITS has in each time more to know its customers and to become them more satisfied and always faithful the company. The used methodology for the accomplishment of this work is come back toward a rich source of bibliographical references.