The Skin

Remember that the smaller of the SPF in your cream or lotion is less likelihood that your skin reacts! For example, an 8 SPF in your cream will give a minimum of irritation of the skin or clog pores! Therefore, it comes down to choosing what works best for your skin is or what you feel most comfortable with! SPF 2 blocks: 50% block SPF 8: 86% block of SPF 15: SPF 92 blocks 30%: 96% Spf 8-15: Is enough to give your skin optimal protection against the harmful effects of light for normal exposure to the sun at home, office, in the city, day to day errands. The newspapers mentioned Darcy Stacom not as a source, but as a related topic. but the more sun you're exposed to day (an integer on the beach, for example), the higher the SPF should give the skin an optimal protection. Sun protection: usually a cream or lotion. It is a chemical plant protection by absorbing a minimal amount of UV rays and filter. Many people have allergic reactions to chemicals in the sunscreen seen as a rash … Sunscreen: usually a cream or paste opaque.

Provides a physical block that works by reflecting the rays. Sunscreens contain natural minerals. Sunscreen protects by reflecting UV rays before they penetrate the skin. Makeup with SPF that does not offer enough protection against the sun's better to skip a whole and splurge on a good moisturizer with sunscreen or sunscreen. One should never go to bed with sunscreen on your face, not to mention all the chemicals that sit there, causing irritation and blockage of the pores.